Wild black-hooded parakeet in Parakeet (photo by Arne Lesterhuis)

Land of the Nanday – Paraguay: The Journey Home

The future unfolds in ways we cannot predict, however if the heart is open to love of the feathered kind, a path, at least in retrospect, becomes clear: to journey home. I journeyed to Paraguay, to visit the home of so many parrots I have loved.

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Alberto Yanosky - Director of Guyra Paraguay

Conservationists in Paraguay – Conservacionistas en Paraguay

How do you define “Conservationist?” For me, it is all of us, for now matter how you help, you conserve the beauty and well being of life on earth. Come to Paraguay with me to meet the conservationists there, and how they save themselves as they save the world.

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Wildlife Conservation Society Staff in May Biosphere Reserve 2010

Human Reserves for Restoring the Maya Biosphere Reserve

Roan McNab, Director of Wildlife Conservation Society in Guatemala speaks of the inner resources that motivate and nurture his team in Guatemala to fight against overwhelming odds in their goal to save the scarlet macaw and other species within the Maya Bisophere Reserve.

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Roan McNab

Restoring the Maya Biosphere Reserve – Home of the Last Scarlet Macaws in Guatemala

Great news for Guatemala! Conservationists there are recovering habitat for the scarlet macaw. I have worked for five years with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) of Guatemala, and I am so very impressed with their dedication, and what they have achieved. Guest author Roan McNab, and Director of WCS, tells in his own words the challenges and accomplishments of his team.

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Map of Parrot Pathway in Guatemala - mapa La Ruta de Los Loros en Guatemala

Parrot Pathway – La Ruta de Los Loros

There are beautiful and wonderful places to go in Guatemala where you can see parrots, especially the endangered yellow-naped parrot. Follow this map of the Parrot Pathway (La Ruta de Los Loros) and journey virtually with Lafeber Conservation as we guide you to experiencing the conservation of this species.

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Dr. LoraKim Joyner teaching how to take care of red-lored amazon

Conservation:  An Act of Restoration

Incredibly hopeful things happen all the time in parrot conservation, for instance, when a red-lored amazon chick surprisingly reunites with his flock. While in Honduras in May 2014 we saw this happen, and we were glad. Conservation gives us the chance to restore nature, and our relationships with earth and her beings.

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Mabita Research Station, Honduras during June 1014

May Nothing Evil Cross this Door

A house constructed by parrot conservationists in Honduras builds hope for those near and far. Come celebrate the grand opening of this house by viewing these pictures with the words of the song, “May Nothing Evil Cross This Door.”

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Biology team studying scarlet macaws at Coseguina Volcano, Nicaragua

Coseguina Scarlet Macaw Update

Good news! Macaws breeding at Coseguina Volcano and a great team is studying them, funded in part by Lafeber Conservation. The challenging news is the illegal logging and poaching of the chicks. But this is just the first year of the project and given time, I have hope they will keep the birds flying free there!

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Parrot counting site on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

The Loros of Ometepe – Spring Count 2014

We finished our first biannual Amazon parrot count of Ometepe Island – 873 yellow-naped and red-lored Amazons. This seems like enough birds for a sustainable population, but it is too early to tell what threats they may face. Come help us out while enjoying the beauty of this island!

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One Earth Conservation and Ministry wrist bands

Banding Together For Parrot Conservation in Central America

There are many ways that we can help parrot conservation around the world. One way is to share our stories of how we care for birds, and also to be informed about conservation, such as reading this blog. We can also show our support and solidarity with those working on the front lines by wearing wrist bands, which lets every one know that they are not alone in their hope for the good life for these precious birds.

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Solentiname Archipelago

The Joy of Yellow-naped Amazons in the Soletiname Archipelago, Nicaragua

There is place of rests for guests, and it is known as the Solentiname Archipelago of Nicaragua. There efforts are being made to preserve the beauty of these islands, which consists of the yellow-naped amazon parrot which is make a come back on Macarroncito Island. Come journey with Dr. LoraKim Joyner and Fundación del Rio to find out more, to contribute, and to enjoy.

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LoraKim Joyner on mule in Fatima, Nicaragua

Successful Macaw Conservation: Steady Like a Mule

What do mules and conservation have in common? One, these wonderful beings can help us do our work on behalf of other species. They also demonstrate the values of slow, steady steps to get us to where we want to be in the world – a place where the many species can thrive, including humans as we behold the beauty and biodiversity around us.

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Celestine Lacuth at the Research Station being visited by two scarlet macaws of the liberated flock. - Mabita, Honduras

The Answer to Parrot Conservation: Yes! Au! Si! See!

The indigenous people of the region Mosquitia in Honduras are doing all they can to protect the parrots, their pine savanna and the forest. What sustains them in this work? For me the answer to this is the beauty of this earth -in them and all around them. This beauty compels them forward in hope for the difficult future before them. Their efforts, to me, shout so very strongly, Yes! to life.

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