wild yellow-faced parrots termiteria

The Mysterious and Threatened Yellow-faced Parrot

Not much is known about the mysterious yellow-faced parrot in Paraguay, except that their populations are threatened. They are unusual in that they nest in termiteria, on the ground, and have unusual feather patterns and colors that seem to change as they age. We were awed as we sought to understand them.

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Rescue and Liberation Center of Mabita

Without the Forest There is Nothing

Because of Mamma Macaw, these giant rainbow birds are flying free. And because of them, her heart might know sadness, but knows joy and beauty even more so. In this video interview she tells of her experience with these birds in her native Miskito language, as well as in Spanish.

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Belize Bird Rescue

September 3, 2011 – San Ignacio, Belize For nine days I am in Belize, a guest of many conservation groups that participate in the Belize Wildlife Conservation Network.  I came here at their invitation to lead a work shop on Compassionate Conservation:   Human Dimensions of Conservation.  I begin my trip with what I imagine will […]

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Shoal Sanctuary

Shoal Sanctuary – Nature Preserve and Agri-tourism

This past weekend I attended a conference in Auburn, Alabama where I met a most interesting woman, Christina Larson. She told me of Shoal Sanctuary, Florida, a nature preserve and agri-tourism site, but it is much more than this. Along with her spouse, they have built a place that according to their mission, “offers a […]

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Great Guys in Guyana – Part II

I am so taken with the work of Foster Parrots in Guyana. I believe that there is something fundamentally powerful in the approach to their work that contributes to avian conservation as a whole. Here’s my theory: Because they work with companion birds –  love them, care for them, sacrifice for them, and witness to […]

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