Great green macaw in Nicaragua

Parrot Pilgrimage 2015

Pilgrimages draw people who are interested in finding more meaning, more joy, and a deeper connection to life around them and in them. I will be taking people with me on a conservation trip to Nicaragua in April 2015, and it will be a parrot pilgramage. Please join me.

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Wildlife Conservation Society Staff in May Biosphere Reserve 2010

Human Reserves for Restoring the Maya Biosphere Reserve

Roan McNab, Director of Wildlife Conservation Society in Guatemala speaks of the inner resources that motivate and nurture his team in Guatemala to fight against overwhelming odds in their goal to save the scarlet macaw and other species within the Maya Bisophere Reserve.

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Solentiname Archipelago

The Joy of Yellow-naped Amazons in the Soletiname Archipelago, Nicaragua

There is place of rests for guests, and it is known as the Solentiname Archipelago of Nicaragua. There efforts are being made to preserve the beauty of these islands, which consists of the yellow-naped amazon parrot which is make a come back on Macarroncito Island. Come journey with Dr. LoraKim Joyner and Fundación del Rio to find out more, to contribute, and to enjoy.

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Scarlet macaws in Honduaras

Nurturing Our Nature: Ours, Theirs, Everyone’s – Introduction

Conservation means taking care of ourselves, for If we don’t take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of others. There are many ways to nourish ourselves so that we can be present to the needs of others in our lives. Here I introduce generally how we can be nourished by nature around us, and will follow up in subsequent articles how specifically we might do so.

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Black Rhino

To Kill Or Not To Kill, That is Not the Question

Conservation practices are about asking the right questions. In the case of shooting rhinos in Africa by trophy hunters as a means to raise money, we must ask if it is appropriate to kill one individual for the well being of the whole. We must also ask other questions so that we can nurture nature in the best possible and peaceful means. This begins a new series: Nurturing Our Nature: Ours, Theirs, Everyone’s.

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