Endangered Birds Forced to Cannibalize

Endangered Birds Forced to Cannibalize?

In the midst of climate change and other human disturbances,  it seems we might not know for a long time exactly how certain human activities factor into a species decline and rapid adaptations.  For instance, do humans cause cannibalism in birds?  Recently,  suggested as the first time ever seen in cormorants, cannibalism has now been […]

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Spying Vultures - Polarity and Politics in Conservation Part 2

Spying Vultures – Polarity and Politics in Conservation Part 2

Most of the time the reality of how politics messes with conservation efforts is disheartening, indeed despairing. For instance, my conservation work in Honduras and Guatemala  is spent in part dodging areas of violence that the government cannot protect (or will not due to bribes and corruption). Another example is what war and unrest is […]

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Sultans Sheikhs and the Houbara Bustard

Sultans, Sheikhs, and the Houbara Bustard: Politics and Polarity in Conservation – Part 1.

I am always amazed about the polarity seen in conservation practices as they range across nations, cultures, and even individuals. One country might be “saving” a species, decimating it, or both. Recent news articles depict these seemingly contradictory actions. For instance, a recent account reported that the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and […]

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