Rosa Can Fly!

Young scarlet macaw Rosa in Honduras not thriving

Rosa in September 2013

Rosa, the Honduran scarlet macaw, continues to have adventures.  The first thing that happened to her was tragic. She was stolen from her wild nest in the Miskito region of Honduras by a poacher, and during that extraction, both her legs and one wing was broken.  First Tomas, and then Oneida took her in to care for her, but the young chick failed to thrive.  She would call plaintively through the day, cold and shivering while the other rescued chicks her age flew around the village.  This is when I first met her, and I thought she would die.  After some treatment and change in management, she improved, although she did not fly and hobbled everywhere.  Though so disabled she continued to improve, Oneida taking her by motorcycle whenever she had to leave the village to run errands or plant crops in Nicaragua.   At one year of age her plumage was shiny and complete, and her energy rambunctious as it should be for a bird of this age.


Rosa has found a safe home in Mabita, Honduras (May 2014)

Rosa has found a safe home in Mabita, Honduras (May 2014)

Just this month I heard that Rosa can now fly! She still stays close to the village, but can reach trees by herself now, and make choices to spend her time where she wishes.

She is a testament to the strength of this species. If we humans will just give them a chance, they will survive.

Rosa, may you continue to fly free!


Rosa with Santiago and Oneida

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  1. What an incredible story. Thank you for helping her the way you did. We had a bird with disabilities who was the joy of our lives.

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