Carpenters making nest boxes for parrots

They’re Back! Amazon Parrots Return to Las Magaritas

With all the hard news about climate change, loss of biodiversity, and extinction, it’s nice to hear about how one individual can bring a species back from where it had disappeared. Such is the case of Tono Bonifasi, who in Guatemala has made a conservation plan so that the yellow-naped amazon is once again flying free over his ranch.

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Yellow-headed parrot in Cuyamel, Honduras

Putting Our Heads Together for the Yellow-headed Parrot

We now have an official count of the minimum number of yellow-headed amazon parrots in Northern Honduras. We were there in February 2015 and saw 13 and one nest. There are probably more, and there need to be many more of them, and that will take work, time, and commitment. Thanks to the Saint Vincent Group for making this work possible!

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Yellow-naped parrot eating Amate fruit in Guatemala City

In the City

It was with great pleasure that I along with others helped track down a yellow-naped parrot roost site in Guatemala City. It is the only known roost site in the whole country at this time. There are others, though not as many as before. We just have to find them, and find ways to protect them in their natural habitat and range.

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Antipoaching sign for parrot conservation in Guatemala

Signs of Change

There are both good signs and bad signs of the conservation status of parrots. Even the negative signs though point to reality, which can help us all change for the good of our earth communities of many species. Here are four new anti-parrot-poaching signs that recently went up in Guatemala, thanks to Lafeber Conservation, ARCAS, and Guatemala.

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Wildlife Conservation Society Staff in May Biosphere Reserve 2010

Human Reserves for Restoring the Maya Biosphere Reserve

Roan McNab, Director of Wildlife Conservation Society in Guatemala speaks of the inner resources that motivate and nurture his team in Guatemala to fight against overwhelming odds in their goal to save the scarlet macaw and other species within the Maya Bisophere Reserve.

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Map of Parrot Pathway in Guatemala - mapa La Ruta de Los Loros en Guatemala

Parrot Pathway – La Ruta de Los Loros

There are beautiful and wonderful places to go in Guatemala where you can see parrots, especially the endangered yellow-naped parrot. Follow this map of the Parrot Pathway (La Ruta de Los Loros) and journey virtually with Lafeber Conservation as we guide you to experiencing the conservation of this species.

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Location of yellow-headed parrots

Hope Still Flies Over Guatemala

In November 0f 2013 I was surprised to learn from a couple of birders that the yellow-headed amazon parrot (Amazona oratrix) historically occurred in Guatemala. This surprised me because I had not seen it on any of the major lists of parrots for this area, although the species does occur right over the borders into […]

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Being Present to Birds Brings Many Presents

Observing, studying, and counting birds involves long hours of what can seem like tedious focus. Yet in those moments of being with birds, we can grow mindful of how wondrous is life, and how being present to that possibility can enrich our lives greatly. Birding is indeed mindfulness practice.

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Scarlet Macaws Flowers of the Sun and Songs that Fly

Scarlet Macaws: Flowers of the Sun and Songs that Fly

It is the time of incendios. Fires in Guatemala and indeed throughout the Maya Selva (forest) are everywhere.  What causes these fires you ask?  Perhaps the root is human desire.  Current human practices means too many people encroaching into the forest without balanced and sustainable methods.  We might also blame climate change, along with the […]

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But It's A Wet Heat

But It’s a Wet Heat

There is an unspoken code of machismo in conservation.  It’s not like anyone is keeping score, however, each is quick to discount any discomfort lest to lose esteem from others on the conservation team.When I lived in the high dessert lands of the Southwest, for example, even though the temperature really could boil an egg […]

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Rescuing the Yellow-Nape in Guatemala

Rescuing the Yellow-Nape in Guatemala: A National Treasure

I end my weeks in Guatemala with a workshop bringing together the Yellow-Naped Working Group. There are familiar friends whom I have know over the decades, as well as many new faces flushed with the possibility of preserving this treasure in their midst.  Marco Centeno, one such long term friend and leader of the National Board […]

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Standing Stones – Takalik Abaj

As we wind our way through the volcanoes in search of yellow-naped amazons, we travel along busy trade routes that have been known for thousands of years.  The Pacific Coast of Guatemala was home to both Olmec and Maya cultures, and in the place to which we are headed, both occurred: Takalik Abaj.  The name […]

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Enduring Refuges

Enduring Refuges

Though the distances are not all that great in Guatemala, the condition of the roads and the traffic, not to mention the frequent stops for refreshment, mean that there is ample time to converse about parrots and people during this recent conservation trip. To pass the time as we travel around the Pacific-facing volcanic slopes, […]

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