wild yellow-faced parrots termiteria

The Mysterious and Threatened Yellow-faced Parrot

Not much is known about the mysterious yellow-faced parrot in Paraguay, except that their populations are threatened. They are unusual in that they nest in termiteria, on the ground, and have unusual feather patterns and colors that seem to change as they age. We were awed as we sought to understand them.

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Turquoise-fronted amazons parrots playing at roost site in Paraguay

Hundreds of Parrots at New Roost Site in Paraguay

During a recent expedition to Paraguay, we searched for poorly understood parrot populations in the area of Concepcion. We were astounded to discover a roost site of nearly 375 amazon parrot, including the orange-winged parrot that was not known to exist in Paraguay only a few years ago.

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Turquoise-fronted parrot flushed from nest in Paraguay

Endangered Species Smuggled to Europe in a Suitcase

On a recent parrot conservation trip to Paraguay, Dr. LoraKim Joyner confirmed the heavy toll of poaching to supply the international illegal wildlife trade in parrots. Traffickers design suitcases to incubate eggs and transport very young chicks, even before their eyes open.

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Black-hooded parakeet

Paraguayan Macaws in Peril

I know we are so often overwhelmed with dire news – climate change, extinction, loss of biodiversity, and refugees. I am aware of how today’s post is just one another in a long stream about the difficult situations for our world parrots, this time in Paraguay. I do believe we need to start with reality – of their situation, and of their beauty. From there, we can do wonders.

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Wild black-hooded parakeet in Parakeet (photo by Arne Lesterhuis)

Land of the Nanday – Paraguay: The Journey Home

The future unfolds in ways we cannot predict, however if the heart is open to love of the feathered kind, a path, at least in retrospect, becomes clear: to journey home. I journeyed to Paraguay, to visit the home of so many parrots I have loved.

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