Parrots and People Carry Messages

We are the messengers carrying unknown, precious messages, as are the people and birds whom we care for and with whom we work. The news we bring in Guatemala in our conservation work for parrots is that though the odds might seem long for preserving this earth, we can always care, cherish, and protect.

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Parrot biologist Norlan Zambrana Morales climbing parrot nest trees

Climbing for Conservation Success

On a twin volcano island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, are a group of biologists supported by Lafeber Conservation who seek to cherish, study, and protect their parrots. Here is the latest update as the numbers of active nests they have discovered, and are protecting, is steadily climbing, as are they.

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wild yellow-faced parrots termiteria

The Mysterious and Threatened Yellow-faced Parrot

Not much is known about the mysterious yellow-faced parrot in Paraguay, except that their populations are threatened. They are unusual in that they nest in termiteria, on the ground, and have unusual feather patterns and colors that seem to change as they age. We were awed as we sought to understand them.

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Turquoise-fronted amazons parrots playing at roost site in Paraguay

Hundreds of Parrots at New Roost Site in Paraguay

During a recent expedition to Paraguay, we searched for poorly understood parrot populations in the area of Concepcion. We were astounded to discover a roost site of nearly 375 amazon parrot, including the orange-winged parrot that was not known to exist in Paraguay only a few years ago.

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Turquoise-fronted parrot flushed from nest in Paraguay

Endangered Species Smuggled to Europe in a Suitcase

On a recent parrot conservation trip to Paraguay, Dr. LoraKim Joyner confirmed the heavy toll of poaching to supply the international illegal wildlife trade in parrots. Traffickers design suitcases to incubate eggs and transport very young chicks, even before their eyes open.

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Home oranged-chinned parakeet, Valle, Honduras

The Lives of Parrots and People – Part III

People love their homed parrots in Honduras, bringing company and beauty into their lives This behavior however is devastating the wild parrot population and results in low welfare conditions for the birds in the home. We can help the people care for their parrots better, both in the wild and the home.

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Gustavo Counting Parrots in Honduras

The Lives of People and Parrots – II

Journey with Dr. LoraKim Joyner now as she travels to the Pacific coast of Honduras and visits families with homed parrots. Such visits shed light on the species of parrots present in the area, the illegal wildlife trade, and the values, knowledge, and awareness of community members.

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Miskito girl with homed scarlet macaw

The Lives of Parrots and People

Stories of parrots and people together are full of all aspects of the animal condition; beauty, tragedy, care, compassion, and loss. Today we tell stories of crimson-fronted parakeets, red-lored amazons, scarlet macaws, and the Miskito indigenous people of Honduras.

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Parrot conservation program in Honduras

Child Protection Services for Parrots

Adult parrots experience a strong bond with their chicks and eggs, and we see this all the time in the field. Predators, human and otherwise, can break that bond and cause hardship for the parrot family. That is why we organize for parrot conservation, protecting the children of this earth.

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Yellow-naped Amazon parrot eating mangos en Valle, Honduras.

Yellow-naped Amazon Parrots on the Pacific Coast of Honduras

Not much is known or recorded about the current population of yellow-naped amazon parrots on the Atlantic coast of Honduras. We went there in mid-June to get an idea of the area, do a quick count, and make plans for future conservation efforts. This area is known as Costa de los Amates and it is where one can find the remaining mangrove swamps in Honduras.

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Children with Rosita at school in San Francisco, Guatemala

Sleeping Under Parrots and Stars

Under stars and parrots, peace can be found, and even multiplied a thousand times if we protect, care for, and cherish our winged companions on this earth and in our hearts. In Guatemala and Honduras, brave people are making a difference, bringing peace and hope to our world.

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Roseatte spoonbill on Bird Island, Nicaragua

Islands of Hope

These islands in Lake Cocibolca are wonderful places to visit. You can see so many parrots, as well as other kinds of birds. Your eco-tourist dollars will go a long way in supporting the conservationists of these islands so they can protect their birds. Consider a trip soon to give the people there hope, and to grow hope in your own homeland.

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