Supplemental Feeding of Wild Macaws

Video Teaching Supplemental Feeding (Part 1 of 4)

Lafeber Conservation and Wildlife is dedicated to nourishing animals and their worlds near and far. We do this in many ways. Sometimes, we do it very directly, such as providing nutritional support for species in conservation projects, which we did in April and May of 2010. In that time I worked with several parrot conservation projects in Guatemala and Honduras, and was able to donate nutritional products on behalf of Lafeber Company. I provided Nutristart, a feeding formula for growing parrots and Emeriad Omnivore and Emeraid Carnivore, both critical care diets. The conservation projects were glad of the donations and planned to use them in these ways:

  • Hand feeding confiscated parrots
  • Hand feeding captive-raised Scarlet Macaws
  • Providing nutritional support for parrots in critical condition, both captive and wild
  • Supplemental feeding of wild Scarlet Macaw chicks

Not only was I able to donate the food, but also in Guatemala gave a workshop where I presented theory, practical considerations, and demonstrations on how to prepare and offer the food.  This presentation was filmed so that other projects and countries could learn and contribute to the growing body of knowledge of how we might support the birds for which we care.

The presentation is in four parts and is mostly in Spanish (Part 1 above, Parts 2-4 below)

Thanks to the Wildlife Conservation Society for agreeing to have this presentation filmed, and for operating the camera.

Supplemental Feeding Video Parts 2-4