Parrots and People Carry Messages

We are the messengers carrying unknown, precious messages, as are the people and birds whom we care for and with whom we work. The news we bring in Guatemala in our conservation work for parrots is that though the odds might seem long for preserving this earth, we can always care, cherish, and protect.

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Home oranged-chinned parakeet, Valle, Honduras

The Lives of Parrots and People – Part III

People love their homed parrots in Honduras, bringing company and beauty into their lives This behavior however is devastating the wild parrot population and results in low welfare conditions for the birds in the home. We can help the people care for their parrots better, both in the wild and the home.

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Gustavo Counting Parrots in Honduras

The Lives of People and Parrots – II

Journey with Dr. LoraKim Joyner now as she travels to the Pacific coast of Honduras and visits families with homed parrots. Such visits shed light on the species of parrots present in the area, the illegal wildlife trade, and the values, knowledge, and awareness of community members.

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Sunset La Gracia, Guatemala

Thanks upon Thanks (Gracias a la Gracia)

The sun is ever with us out in the field working on parrot conservation. We are out early saying goodbye to the stars, and hello to the sun, and the reverse in the evening before we finish our day. We do this so the sun won’t set on parrots, ever.

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Yellow-naped amazon parrots looking for nests in a church in Guatemala

Parrots Choosing to Be Homed

Previously homeless parrots have found sanctuary in houses and churches in Guatemala for their chicks thanks to Tono Bonafasi who gave a chance for these bids to fly free, raise their young, and hopefully repopulate the land with parrot flocks.

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Tropical kingbird collecting fruit for her chicks on Mancarroncito Island

Islands of Hope

Here once again I am pleased to report that we found more parrots than expected. This time it is with the yellow-naped amazon in Nicaragua on Mancarroncito Island in Lake Nicaragua. We still have much left to do to understand this species and to protect it, but we have hope, and will have continued pleasure to work in such a beautiful place with parrots, kingbirds, and Nicos (the people of Nicaragua).

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Carpenters making nest boxes for parrots

They’re Back! Amazon Parrots Return to Las Magaritas

With all the hard news about climate change, loss of biodiversity, and extinction, it’s nice to hear about how one individual can bring a species back from where it had disappeared. Such is the case of Tono Bonifasi, who in Guatemala has made a conservation plan so that the yellow-naped amazon is once again flying free over his ranch.

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Where the Wild Ones Sleep

My good luck streak for finding roost sites continues in Honduras. Actually the local people have known of the roost site for some time, and they are glad to show it to us. Come see these wild lands between Honduras and Nicaragua, and watch a video to hear the birds calling.

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Maria de la Cruz turns 106 with the company of Paco, her red-lored amazon parrot companion (thanks to La Tribuna for the photo)

Parrots Make Us Happy (Loros Hacen Feliz)

Parrots can make us happy in so many ways. They fill us with gratitude, which can add joy and longevity to our lives, such as this woman in Honduras who turned 106 with her red-lored amazon parrot. May we in turn add years and the good life to the birds in our lives and world.

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Parrot counting site on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

The Loros of Ometepe – Spring Count 2014

We finished our first biannual Amazon parrot count of Ometepe Island – 873 yellow-naped and red-lored Amazons. This seems like enough birds for a sustainable population, but it is too early to tell what threats they may face. Come help us out while enjoying the beauty of this island!

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Loras Locas

Loras Locas (Crazy Parrots)

During my recent parrot conservation trip to Nicaragua I was amused, amazed, and perplexed while observing the behavior of loras.  Loras, in Nicaragua, generally refers to parrots, of which there are several species on the island of Ometepe. While situated in spots for counting the four species of amazon parrots (Yellow-naped, Red-lored, White-fronted, and Mealy) […]

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Parrots of Ometepe Island

Parrots of Ometepe Island, a Promised Land

Several thousand years ago a people known as the Nahua came to an island in current day Nicaragua.  They were a people on the run, as their legends describe, fleeing from a conflict they did not win with the other major power in their area. Their predictions said they were to look for a promised […]

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Parrot Conservation in Nicaragua: Looking for Loros

  Have you ever gone looking for something really precious that you know should be where you put it, and when you cannot discover its location, you succumb to a feeling of senseless loss and frustration?  If so, then you can well imagine being with me and my cohorts this past week in Nicaragua as […]

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Rescuing the Yellow-Nape in Guatemala: A National Treasure

I end my weeks in Guatemala with a workshop bringing together the Yellow-Naped Working Group. There are familiar friends whom I have know over the decades, as well as many new faces flushed with the possibility of preserving this treasure in their midst.  Marco Centeno, one such long term friend and leader of the National Board […]

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