Life is what you make it. And some bunnies out there enjoy doing things that their human companions might not appreciate. To a rabbit, the world is a place to be explored and experienced — and sometimes chewed or dug into. Digging, chewing, marking, exploring, nibbling, and more are just part of being a rabbit. With that in mind, are these bunnies really getting into trouble, or are they just living life?

Have your bunnies ever done anything you considered naughty? Please leave a comment!

This Bun Just Wanted A Drink

Bunny vs cup

Bunnies Find A Way Out

Rabbits are clever little escape artists

Whose Bed Is It? The One Lying In It!

That’s my bed!

You Should See This Rabbit’s Rap Sheet

The thief…

A Self-Feeding Rabbit!

Is It Wrong To Open A Gift Early?

Rabbit + Bedspread = An Impossible Dig

Just Tasting The Clothing, Not Eating It

Playing With Your Food Is Fun!

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Rabbit Scatters Hay And Doesn’t Care About Camera In Face

Believe The Rabbit, Not The Evidence

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Well, Sometimes You Want Your Homework To Be Eaten

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