herd of guinea pigs eating pile of Brussels sprouts

Guinea Pig Munch Fest!

A farm theme park in Hampshire, England, scored a major social media victory this past Christmas when it posted a video of guinea pigs getting a tasty treat. To date, the guinea pig video has more than 7 million views on Facebook and more than 26,000 on its YouTube channel.

Ludwik the hairless guinea pig by flower

Ludwik Guinea Pig Is A Must-See Instagram Account

Almost two years ago, the world was introduced to Ludwik the guinea pig via Instagram. This nearly bald guinea pig and his creative owner are proof that not only is baldness beautiful, it’s darn cute!

guinea pig on lap

Where Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Petted?

Guinea pigs are individuals with their own personal preferences about being petted, and they often give signals about when you’ve rubbed the right spot or the wrong one.

Rabbit in show cage with ribbon awarded.

Rabbit And Guinea Pig Events

A small animal event is a gathering of enthusiasts to celebrate, learn, and share stories about their amazing furry friends. Hoppy Hours, Pignics, breed shows, and more await you. Find an event now!

guinea pig sitting on lap

How To Play With Your Guinea Pig

Playing games with guinea pigs? Yes, you can! Depending on your guinea pigs’ temperament, you could enjoy races, hunts, tours, and more.

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