rabbit jumping in air
Rabbits hop, but they also binky! Foinz/Facebook

New rabbit owners might be surprised to see their rabbit do a sudden leap and twist in mid-air. These are called binkies. Long-time rabbit owners are delighted to see these leaps. Binkies usually mean that a rabbit is happy. Because binkies often happen randomly, capturing them on video is a challenge. Thanks to Foinz, a rabbit owner who posts to numerous social media platforms, now the world can enjoy amazing bunny binky videos. Foinz is actually his nickname, and he, his girlfriend, and his six bunnies live in Germany.

The Start Of The Foinz Rabbits

The rabbit story began in 2014 when Foinz and his girlfriend adopted Simba and Mausi, according to a post on Foinz’s Tumblr page. The bunny pair got picky about whom they interacted with, so after a few months, Colin and Mogli were added to the family.

The two rabbit pairs lived in separate rooms. Schoki and Mimi are the most recent additions and are bonded with Colin and Mogli. Simba and Mausi roam their own rabbit-safe room. The other four are caged at night and roam most of the rabbit-proofed living room during the day. Foinz describes the personality of each bunny in a Tumblr post. An important note is that Schoki requires special food due to a problem with his jaw/teeth that is suspected to be due to genetics.

The rabbits also enjoy outdoor time occasionally, which leads us to the amazing bunny binky videos. These are captured during outings in the yard, usually in the sand pit. In comments on the Tumblr page, the rabbits are said to be Netherland Dwarf mix breeds.

Foinz Rabbits On Social Media

If you like rabbits, the Foinz social media accounts are for you, and they have quite the social media footprint. The accounts include Foinz Instagram, Foinz Facebook, Foinz YouTube, Foinz Tumblr, and Foinz Imgur. In January 2017, a video of Simba playing Jenga hit it big, getting hundreds of thousands of views. The more recent video showing the bunny binkies is also extremely popular. Who doesn’t want to see bunny binkies? It seems that most if not all of the Foinz bunnies do them at one time or another.

The Tumblr account is special because Foinz answer questions from Tumblr users. Some are about his rabbits and how he does things, while others ask for advice regarding their own rabbits.

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