guinea pig outside on grass
Oh, the drama of guinea pig videos! Mary Hibbs/YouTube

If you’ve got guinea pigs and a smartphone or camera, chances are you’ve taken videos of your furry friends. Why not? Guinea pigs are quite photogenic, or would that be videogenic? Either way, as time wears on, the videos add up.

These videos usually fall into natural categories: cute guinea pig videos, behavior guinea pig videos, how-to guinea pig videos, slice-of-life guinea pig videos, time-passing guinea pig videos, etc. A few intrepid guinea pig owners venture into the rare category of storytelling videos. They become writer, director, cameraman, editor, and more to create a mini masterpiece starring their guinea pigs.

The Guinea Pig Video Phenomenon

In a search of YouTube, these guinea pig videos represent some of the do-it-yourself filmmaking efforts of guinea pig owners. Conflict prevails in all, as happens in many dramas. Actually, most of these have rather grim storylines told in PG fashion.

It’s interesting to see how natural guinea pig behaviors were incorporated into each video to move along the story. Some plots are stronger than others, as are some production values, camera work, lighting, etc. As with major motion pictures, whether or not you like one more than another is a matter of individual preference. Unlike major motion pictures, these are free to watch!

Guinea Pig Divas? Not!

One thing all these videos have in common is that their stars are adorable. Whether caught in an extreme close-up of their face or a distance shot stomping on a “town,” their appeal is undeniable. And they work for treats. Hey!Berries are a healthy treat ideal for training like this. One of the good things about these videos is seeing that these guinea pig stars were not left forgotten in a cage. They are going with the flow, even if they might be wondering what on earth is going on with their human companions!

Guinea Pig Inspiration

Does seeing these guinea pig videos inspire you to make your guinea pigs stars? If so, for it! Just keep in mind to always be gentle with your guinea pigs and work with the behaviors they naturally do. Making videos should be fun for all involved. Happy filming!

One last guinea pig video cannot be embedded here, but you can see it on Dino Productions YouTube.

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