Can You Resist The Cuteness Of Ponyo Piglet Of The Sea?

Meet Ponyo Piglet of the Sea, a guinea pig leading a fascinating life with her guinea pig pals that’s all captured on social media for the world to see.

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Who can resist the soulful stare of a guinea pig or the wheeking noise they make for food. But what food should you feed your guinea pig? You love them like family, but they can’t eat many of the things you eat.

Tips For Grooming Your Guinea Pig

Help your guinea pigs to look and feel their best by settling into a simple grooming routine that increases the bond between you, and makes you and your furry friends proud of how your guinea pigs look.

What Is A Guinea Pig?

Yes, guinea pigs are small mammals that originated in South America, but those who share their lives with these precious souls know that there is so much more to guinea pigs.

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