standing guinea pig
Reading guinea pig expressions brings you closer to your pet! Katya36/Pixabay

Guinea pigs own a big part of cuteness in the world. Just look at their faces! And those little faces aren’t just furry, they can be quite expressive. Come on. Guinea pigs might not speak English, but they can certainly get their meaning across with the help of body language, vocalizations, and, of course, facial expression!

Check out some fascinating guinea pig looks from some of the guinea pigs of Instagram, and be sure to click the link to each guinea pig’s Instagram page to enjoy more amazing guinea pig photos and even videos. Can you stand the cute?

1. Sometimes, it’s very easy to guess what a guinea pig might be thinking. Clearly, this guinea pig is enjoying a delicious treat! Besides veggies and some fruit, nutritious treats like Hey!Berries can bring on more happy!

guinea pig eating orange
Mmmm! Bo_The_Guinea/Instagram

2. Sometimes it’s more difficult to guess what guinea pigs are thinking. Perhaps this cavy wants a retreat and thinks: “This is my corner.”

guinea pig in cage corner
I claim this spot! Limjirung/Instagram

3. Even when a guinea pig isn’t looking directly at you, the eyes can say a lot: “I can see you!”

guinea pig in bedding
I do see behind me! Mishkatheguineapig/Instagram

4. And surely this guinea pig is thinking, “May I help you?”

guinea pig looking at camera
A very common guinea pig look! Ragdollsandpigs/Instagram

5. Sometimes, guinea pigs are obviously making a declaration to the world: “I am fluffiness personified!”

guinea pig lounging on bed
Can anything be fluffier? Myfluffypiggies/Instagram

6. Forget the colors of the wind, what are the smells in the air? Does this guinea pig smell peppers, dandelions, parsley, or what?

guinea pig in cage sniffing air
If anything tasty is nearby, guinea pigs sniff it out! Catsofsafeharbor/Instagram

7. For guinea pigs who want to get away, the meaning of the look is clear: “No one will see me here.”

guinea pig hiding in blanket
Blankets make favorite hideaways. Pabloandpercy/Instagram

8. One word: “Zzzzzz.”

sleeping guinea pig
Naptime is the best! Hamsternguineapig/Instagram

9. This has got to be one of the most common guinea pigs looks, and it means: “Ready for anything!”

guinea pig standing ready
We all know this guinea pig look! Meerwutz/Instagram

10. Sometimes guinea pigs are a bit confused or disappointed. Perhaps they think something along the lines of: “You moved my bed?”

guinea pig standing on fabric
What happened? Ruby_To_Lucy/Instagram

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  1. Cute guinea pigs – unsafe habitat. Picture 2 shows a cage floor with perforations that are dangerous to guinea pigs. This is the most common cause of bumble foot, a painful disabling infection that is difficult to treat. Guinea pigs should never be housed on wire floors or any rough surfaces. Fleece or shredded paper bedding are appropriate for guinea pigs.

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