Little things can make the world wonderful. Yesterday in Australia, a child’s toy got separated from its owner when the child’s pram and people left, but a plush rabbit fell to the floor. Passenger Andrew Parker witnessed the event and tweeted about it. And so began the story of #sadbunny.

The Mission To Reunite Sad Bunny With Child

His tweet prompted hundreds of retweets and Sydney Trains, which operates the line the toy rabbit was spotted on, responded to the call for help in reuniting the toy rabbit with the owner.

Six hours later, Sydney Trains advised that the rabbit had been found by staff. An accompanying video showed that the rabbit was also enjoying excellent care and even sported a visitor badge.

The #sadbunny story was even picked up by Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, where it was revealed that this plush bunny wasn’t just anybunny. It was a Seed Heritage bunny that would cost quite a bit to replace.

Good News For Sad Bunny

Word spread as retweets rolled on. Would #sadbunny’s story have a happy ending or not? Approximately 11 hours after the initial tweet by passenger @ajamesparker, Sydney Trains broke the news. The bunny’s owner was found!

All that’s left now is the reunion.

This plush rabbit’s train adventures don’t top the escapades of a different toy rabbit that was left behind at the Adare Manor in Ireland in 2016, but it’s a happy reminder that the world isn’t a cold, uncaring place.

Update: And here’s the tweet showing the happy reunion!

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