guinea pig with Santa doll
Everything is turning up merry for small mammals, too! Pezibear/Pixabay

Your rabbit, guinea pig, rat, hamster, or other small mammal pet is part of your family. Yes, a furry, four-legged member, but family nonetheless. And when the holidays roll around, many people make sure their furred family members participate in some way. Whether it’s with a holiday photo, special treats, fun activities, gifts, or something else, small mammal pets can join in most holiday fun as long as their safety is kept in mind.

Will rabbits, guinea pigs, or other pets realize the reason for all the festive fun? Probably not, but they’ll appreciate the extra attention, treats, and gifts.

Sharing The Holiday Joy

Have a look at how some people share the holidays with their furry companions. How do you include your pet in holiday celebrations? Please tell us in the comments.

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