Liz Wilson, CVT

Editor’s note: The bird community lost Liz Wilson when she passed away on April 13, 2013. Please visit our dedication page for her full biography, photos and comments from her colleagues.


Liz WilsonLiz Wilson is a certified veterinary technician (CVT) and a Parrot Behavior Consultant who has been living and working with parrots for over 40 years. She wrote the Parrot Psychology column for Bird Talk Magazine, and has authored or co-authored eight textbook chapters on parrot behavior.

She has two books of article reprints,the Handbook of Avian Articles – Vol. II & I, which can be ordered through her website. She is retired now, and not taking new clients.


Liz Wilson, CVT, Parrot Behavior Consultant

About Liz Wilson, CVT, Parrot Behavior Consultant

Liz Wilson is a certified veterinary technician and a parrot behavior consultant, with over 40 years of experience specializing in avian and exotic animal care.

1 thought on “Liz Wilson, CVT

  1. William A "Skip" McGarvey says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed your bird talk articles for the past 10 or 15 years. I have been owned by several birds over the past 35 years. I currently have in my flock the sweetest Umbrella Cockatoo, and two TAG’s One of the Grays is over 50 years old and can almost carry on a conversation. I got all my current birds from people who couldn’t take care of them any more or they were biting their owners. Using your ideas and being attentive to their body language I have made them or rather they trained me to handle them they way they like me to. The three birds have totally personalities and give me hours and hours of enjoyment.
    I take at least two of my birds into local schoold and libruarys and show them off and let people know what wonderfully intellengent companions they are.
    I am so glad that Lefeber has picked you up and I’m looking forward to learning more about birds.
    Thank you.
    Skip McGarvey

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