Lafeber Company will be closed starting on Friday, December 22 returning on Tuesday, January 2 2018. If you place an order on or after after Thursday, December 21 your credit card will automatically be charged at the time you submit the order, however it will not ship until January 2, 2018. A Lafeber Company associate will contact you by phone or email for order approval or for order cancellation. Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Bird seed is not sufficient to keep your finches happy and healthy. The proper finch diet is made simple with Lafeber Premium Diet Pellets, which offers a comprehensive and nutritious food for your finch, no matter the species. Our scientifically developed pellets should make up the base of your finch’s daily diet. For a treat, crumble up some Popcorn Nutri-Berries for your finches, and see how much fun they have tossing this snack around like teenagers at the movies!