Bird Type: African grey

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My Grey Is Afraid Of Its Cage

My 21 year old African Grey has suddenly become afraid of being in her cage. I haven’t changed anything. I can’t see anything around the cage that looks different. What can I do?

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senior bird

Hello, I have a question my African Grey will be 12 years old this December 21. My question is when can I feed senior lafeber food to him what age is a African Grey a senior. Thank you and have a great day.

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African Grey needs pairing

Hi, I have a 5 years old African grey male parrot, at this tome I would like to look for his pair, should I get a female with the same age ? Which I think difficult to find or can I choose any mature younger or older female?

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Young African Grey won’t step up

We have an 18 month old African Grey hen (she lives with our 4 year old male). When she came to us she would step up when she wanted to, ie if she ended up on the floor. Now she is able to climb and fly she will not step up at all, she either […]

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Hello! My search keeps bringing me to your site (which I quite love, by the way). My baby Timneh is learning to climb…she hangs by her beak!!! It’s frightening – is it safe??

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My african grey is sick…

I have a 6months old African grey…i bought her on Dec 12th..since then she was very chirpy and loud and was adopting to all of us in the house . A very active bird I must say!A week before,it happened for a persian cat outside my villa to get inside my home where this bird […]

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older bird diet

I have a female African Grey parrot who is 29 years old. She is quite active, talks a lot and generally is a joy to own. I’m wondering about her diet as she grows older. She loves fresh veggies, mostly green and leafy. She seems to have grown tired of the typical seed preparations which […]

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African Grey friend?

I have a rehomed African Grey female (Timnae) and wondered how she would take to another African Grey (Congelese) in a seperate cage yet in the same room. Would this be traumatic or would this become a friend.

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African Grey chick

I am Muhammad Faizan Zafar from Pakistan, I just visiting your website(LafeberVet). This is very informative for me, I need this type of information for my grey parrot chick. I wana know about my grey chick, I give nick name as (Smokey). I m curious about health, weight and temprature of room. I dont have […]

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CAG Plucking, Peanuts

My CAG feather plucks like mad when she eats peanuts. She’s a senior. As far as I can tell you only make one kind of pellet berry without peanuts which I buy. Please make another variety without peanuts. Or is my African Grey the only one with a peanut allergy?

african grey training

Inside Dr. Pepperberg’s Lab: African Grey Parrots Show Self-Control

  Grey parrots may sometimes be impulsive—think about how often you may have had to give your bird multiple timeouts for the same behavior (like chewing on your sunglasses) in a very short time period. However, my students and I have shown that our parrot, Griffin, can actually exhibit quite a bit of self-control. We […]

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African Grey biting

I recently got an African Grey. He is 4 years old and now rehomed to me. We love him! However, if we try to get him to step up onto our hand when he is in or on top of his cage, he bites and won’t come to us. If he is on the floor, […]

African greys on beach set

Inside Dr. Pepperberg’s Lab: Fun Fundraising Featuring The Parrots

Devising new ways to test parrots’ cognitive skills is the exciting part of Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her staff’s work. The challenging part is finding the exact words to sum up a study — and the even more challenging part is finding creative ways to inspire people to donate to help fund the lab’s research. Fortunately, the parrots can usually be relied upon to “lend a wing” to the cause. African grey Griffin and his fellow greys have been going on epic “outings” to inspire donors to flock to the lab’s Facebook and Tumbler pages.

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Licorice root

Can I offer licorice root as a treat for my African Grey to munch on or tear apart ?

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About Talking

I have few tame n talking parrots like, correla cockatoo and indian ringneck along with African Grey. my African grey is learning and trying to speak…

African grey parrot on a perch

Inside Dr. Pepperberg’s Lab: Do Parrots Understand Probability?

To test a parrot’s ability to understand probability, Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s cognitive behavior research lab recently presented African grey parrot Griffin with a task similar to what a 6-8 year-old child might be tasked to do — using three of one item and one of another, if one item was removed, what was the removed item likely to be? Griffin’s answers might surprise you.

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