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Cockatiel molting

Hi there My cockatiel is 4 months old, and is looking like she is going through a molt. However, she has not lost any flight feathers, only losing body and crest feathers. Isn’t 4 months too young to be going through the first molt? I’m finding around 20 body feathers per day at the moment. […]

feather picking

my cockatiel is 2.5 years old and for a while he is feather picking. he is plucking his chest and back feather in front of me. He’s doing it way too often. I cant stop him or distract him he doesnt care about his toys anymore and he is too aggresive to me even though […]

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My cockatiel is sitting in the food bowl

Hi, my cockatiel is a male one year old and a happy one. But for the last 5 days he is sitting in his food bowl and making skreechy sounds. I would like to know the reason behind this kind of behavior

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No babies

My cockatiel lays eggs but babies don’t come out

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My cockatiel

Why does my cockatiel don’t play with his toy. He only plays with the mirror.

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I’ve heard that you shouldn’t have two different birds in the same house, but I’ve also heard that cockatiels and conures can get along, is this true?

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Breeding birds

Good evening. I am new to breeding with conures and want to ask you if you can give me some advice. Their cage is set outside and is 2.5m long,1.3m wide and 2m high. How many breeding pair conures can i put in the cage? I also want to know if you can breed budgies […]

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Perch diameter sizes for a Cockatiel

Hi, I find conflicting reports on the internet about the minimum and maximum sizes (diameters) for perches for Cockatiels. I know every birds’ feet is unique in size (just like people’s)and on your website it shows pictures of what is too big or too small and just right, but could you give me some approximate […]

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Lonely cockatiel?

I have a 3 year old semi-tame cockatiel, he is comfortable with me handfeeding him and likes me being in the room as he sings when I sit near him but is quiet when I’m not in the same room. He doesn’t like me handling him through, I bought him from a breeder when he […]

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A new member to the family

Hello, I have two cockatiels one is a pearl named Volka and another is lutino named Pikachu. Both females (I’ve checked) are very nice and Volka is the friendlier and more social one of the two. My problem is that around 3 months ago I adopted a white-bellied caique that is named Lucky. Long story […]

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Cockatiel sitting on food dish

Hi, my (almost 19 year old) cockatiel has been sitting on his food dish when I put him to bed at night. I thought maybe that it was a phase that would pass, but he’s doing it consistently for almost 2.5 weeks. Is he doing this because he’s old and his feet hurt to perch […]

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Cockatiel Molting year round

I have a cockatiel I raised by hand that is getting fairly old. She seems to molt year round and has for many years. That can’t be too good for her. Why is she doing this and is there a way to help her not have to molt.

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Window air conditioner

I have a small room with a window air conditioner. My cage is right next to the window and I do keep the air away from him. My concern is that the window air conditioner makes noise while is on. Is it ok to keep it on at nights or should I keep it off […]

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flying away when my hand goes close to them

hi this is a question regarding taming. I handfed my birds since day zero, they are 3 months old now, whenever i go close to the cage both the birds used to come for petting, they were fine till yesterday i dont know what happened to them today they were not coming to me and […]

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should I get my cockatiel a friend?

I got a pearl cockatiel from a neglectful situation 3 months ago. she is 12 years old and has never had another cockatiel in the house as her. I know I should keep at least 2 cockatiels together, but is it too late to try to find her a friend? she seems interested in my […]

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Are Cockatiels Good Starter Birds?

Are cockatiels good birds for beginners that don’t have any bird experience? I’m interested in a bird that isn’t too small and I can build a trusted relationship with, and the cockatiel seemed just right…

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Doesn’t sit on a eggs

I have purchase a pair of cocktail bwith eggs 2 day before, so they don’t sit on egss i dont know what is the problem..and how we overcome this problem..plz help me…

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