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“Healthy” Foods Your Bird Should Stop Eating Today

Many of the foods we think are healthy aren’t 100% so. In fact, some start to creep into to the unhealthy category if we overindulge. When we offer some of these seemingly healthy foods to our birds we might be serving our feathered companions a potential overload of sugar, sodium and other unhealthy ingredients.

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Dr. T.J. Lafeber

How Lafeber’s Helping Hands Changed Avian Medicine

Meet the man who — with budgie in hand — inspired up-and-coming veterinarians to take an interest in avian medicine and helped turn the veterinary world’s focus to avian medicine.

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Nutri-Berries vs. Standard Avian Diets

In the 25 years that Lafeber’s Nutri-Berries have been part of the food spectrum for parrots, more and more pet bird enthusiasts have offered them as a surefire way to get their birds on the path to good nutrition. You know your bird likes them, but are you curious to know how Nutri-Berries stack up against standard parrot diet offerings?

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Blue fronted Amazon eating

Celebrating 25 Years of Nutri-Berries!

It’s official — Nutri-Berries have been making pet birds happier and healthier one Nutri-Berry at a time for 25 years now! It’s hard to imagine the pre-Nutri-Berries world … all those bland diets made offering balanced nutrition an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, Nutri-Berries changed all that.

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Avoid These Feeding Mistakes

There are many pet birds that only eat one or two types of foods, but that’s because they haven’t been offered much else or the foods offered don’t appeal to them. Here are four ways we can sabotage our birds’ appetites and how to avoid them.

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Share These 4 Healthy Thanksgiving Foods

November is a month of harvesting the great bounty of the earth, including fall-season foods that are good for our companion birds to eat! Let’s start with the foods that are good for our birds at Thanksgiving!

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Double Yellow-Headed Amazon parrot; yellow-headed parrot

Why Birds Live So Long

Parrots live much longer than they are supposed to live! In fact the large macaws live on average four times their predicted life spans! So what’s their secret?

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Fun With Food for Your Pet Bird

Food plays an essential role in the survival of every living creature. It can also be a source of great pleasure. Animal trainers, behaviorists, pet owners, and, yes, parents of small children, use food in a number of creative ways. Most people love giving their animals friends food treats.

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Senior Nutri-berries

Senior Bird Nutri-Berries

Learn about the ingredients in Senior Bird Nutri-Berries that might help your older bird live a longer, healthier life.

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rainbow lorikeet

4 Easy Ways To Deter Breeding Behavior

Find out why you might want to rethink your pet bird’s cage setup, how long you leave the lights on, the type of foods you feed, and even the way you pet and interact with your bird.

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Serve a Good Meal ~ Bird Food for Your Cockatiel

Lafeber pet bird foods offer a variety of nutritious foods for your beloved top-knotted little friend.

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Parakeet food

In the Mood for Great Parakeet Food?

Lafeber bird foods are a simple and healthy way for you to feed your Parakeet!

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Lafeber's Pellet-Berries

Introducing Pellet-Berries — a New Pet Bird Food from Lafeber Company

We are thrilled to tell the whole world about our newest product and announce that pelleted diets are no longer boring!

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Parrot food

Things are in Good Shape at Lafeber Company!

Can a round food be a square meal? Yes! Nutri-Berries fit perfectly in your pet bird’s diet with the balanced nutrition essential to good health. The seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables you will find in Nutri-Berries lend to the whole-food goodness and also add lots of tastes and textures for foraging pleasure in every bite.

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Sunny Orchard Nutri-berries small bird

Stand Up for Stand Up Bags!

Your favorites ~ Tropical Fruit, Sunny Orchard, El Paso and Garden Veggie ~ are easy to recognize in their familiar bright packages that are now made wider at the bottom to make them stand upright.

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Are You Looking for High-Quality Bird Food?

Lafeber Company knows what your bird needs and takes pride in offering the highest quality nutrition in pet bird food available on the market today. Lafeber Company also knows what your bird likes – that’s why our diets are exciting and fun as well as nutritious!

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