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4 tubs of Pellet-Berries

Pellet-Berries Recall

Lafeber Company is recalling all Pellet-Berries in an abundance of caution due to packaging issues that might allow moisture inside the tub in rare instances.

Blue fronted Amazon eating

Celebrating 25 Years of Nutri-Berries!

It’s official — Nutri-Berries have been making pet birds happier and healthier one Nutri-Berry at a time for 25 years now! It’s hard to imagine the pre-Nutri-Berries world … all those bland diets made offering balanced nutrition an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, Nutri-Berries changed all that.

Senior Nutri-berries

Senior Bird Nutri-Berries

Learn about the ingredients in Senior Bird Nutri-Berries that might help your older bird live a longer, healthier life.

Sunny Orchard Nutri-berries small bird

Stand Up for Stand Up Bags!

Your favorites ~ Tropical Fruit, Sunny Orchard, El Paso and Garden Veggie ~ are easy to recognize in their familiar bright packages that are now made wider at the bottom to make them stand upright.

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Are You Looking for High-Quality Bird Food?

Lafeber Company knows what your bird needs and takes pride in offering the highest quality nutrition in pet bird food available on the market today. Lafeber Company also knows what your bird likes – that’s why our diets are exciting and fun as well as nutritious!

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