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Dove diamond

My diamond dove lost its feet. How do I care for it. I moved it from the cage that was shared with another diamond dove.

Pet parrot- Summer heat question

Hello, I have 2 conures, 1 indian red neck parrot and 1 lovebird and all are aged around 1 year. I keep the birds in a large aviary on my shaded porch outside where there is no direct sunlight throughout the day and there is moving air. I live in the UAE and summer is […]

Traveling with pet birds

What is the safest way to travel with two diamond doves during a move to our new home 5 hours away?

Single Zebra Finch

Hello, Is a zebra finch happier in a pair or can they do well solo? We had two male finches but one recently passed away so just have one male. We don’t want to breed so no females but can a finch be happy as the sole bird? We keep him with us right now […]

International Shipping

I have 4 Zebra Finches, happy, in good health, and very well hand tamed. I love these babies very much, but sadly I am moving. I am moving from Germany to the USA, and would like to take them with me. I found many pet transport companys that will be able to ship the birds […]

Adopting a bird…what should I know?

I have quite a few questions. I’m planning on having my bird on my shoulder/with me most of the time. But that would mean me being downstairs where cleaning supplies are being used, and teflon pans are being used. Is there any possible way for that to work? Because I also heard that birds cages […]

Lovebird sleeping .

Why dose my lovebird peach face always sleeping out of his cage ? He always sleeps on the outside of the cage ?

my parakeet

Hi I’m a pet parakeet owner and I would like some advice on what to do with my pet parakeet my mother is in charge of feeding and where to put the cage but unfortunately my parakeet doesn’t get much attention and usually just spends there day in a cage in a room without barely […]

Caging mixed species together

wanting to add my canaries (2) parakeets (2) and cockatiels (2) together into a big cage …anything I should be worried about. Right now they are in separate cages but do see each other.

african gray

what size cage should i get for a african gray

Nutrition, disinfecting

what do you suggest to use for disinfecting water and food bowls? is it sufficient to wash dishes with hot water and scrubbing with a non-toxic dish soap? hoping you will suggest what type of food you suggest to prevent all the deficiencies you’ve shown. also, can you suggest how to switch from seed to […]


what kind of disinfectant is safe to use on cages for the birds

Nail trimming perches

We just purchased, a blue color, perch, for his feet, he seems not to go near it, he looks scared, I tried yo put my green-cheek conure parrot named Charlie, on it, he refuses, what can I do!!!

Parrotlet information

Good morning I am in the process of adopting a baby parrotlet (he arrives at the end of October). My (soon to be) vet has pointed me in your direction. I was hoping you could send me some information on them? I am new to bird community and would like to prepare myself, however your […]

Do lovebirds need separate space to sleep?

I have a 4 month old african lovebird (lutino) , a single bird. He/she , i dont know about its gender, i believe its a male. He was wounded and i found him in my backyard , but my question is when ever i switch off the lights during night time he latches on to […]

Sleep Environment

My GCC sleeps in a smaller cage in my walk in closet at night. She has a little shelf she doesn’t use, but chooses to sleep while clinging to her cage. Her favorite place to nap during the day is snuggled into my hair. I’m worried she’s not comfortable enough at night and want to […]

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