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She won’t let me clean her perch

Her perch is really dirty with poop and she won’t let me take it out to clean it, I tired cleaning it from the inside but the brush scares her and I have to open the cage door to clean it and she gets scared and flys around in her cage and almost hit me […]

I accidentally got the wrong cage for conure help

Hello I’m a teen going on to high school and I am getting my first bird, a conure to be exact and I asked for the wrong cage and didn’t notice till now. My bird is t here yet and I know my dad will not buy me a new cage. The bar spacing is […]

Wood for perches

Is there any way to make safe woods safe for our parrots (free from disease) to make perche out of (grapevine, bamboo)

Sleeping conure

My crimson bellied sleeps on the floor of the cage under newspaper, a way he has slept since a baby. The problem is that he doesn’t know how to tuck. Is there any way I can teach him?

Travel cage

What would be the minimum dimensions for a travel cage for 2 budgies. (not for a long time, just for a small visit to the park)

Scarlet macaw

Can macaws handle direct sunlight in weather up to 108 outside

what bird to get

Hello,what kind of bird will get along with an African grey parrot Without fighting? Can a green parrot get along with an African grey parrot? Thanks in advance for answering

Bird Compatibility

I have a Budgie Parakeet and a Green Cheek Conure (as of today). The Budgie is about 2 that has been part of our house since hatched. She is a little stubborn and spoiled. I bought home this very sweet Conure today. I was at a store and it attached itself to me and would […]

Odd number of finches

Hi. I had a pair of zebra finches, one male and the other female who got on well. Unfortunately, after laying their first clutch of eggs, the hen died. The male went into a depression so, I got him another female companion. They were also immediately compatible soon enough she also died and the male […]

How cage should be

I bought a pair of love bird ,it’s cage is small ,,,is keeping pot is necessary,,,,,,will it sleep only inside pot ,,,or in floor of cage

Nest for male elderly cockatiel’s feet?

Hi, my 20 year old male cockatiel, named Atticus, has arthritic feet which causes him to perch inside his food dish most nights even though his perches are all vet wrapped to make them cushy. I was wondering if getting him a Cotton Rope – Bird Breeding Nest Bed with Coconut Fiber from Amazon would […]

Bed for Parrot?

Do conures need a nest/hut/enclosed box to sleep properly, or are they perfectly okay to sleep on a perch?

Bird Bath

I recently purchased a bird bath for a future bird. It is supposed to go in the cage and I was wondering if I should keep it in there 24/7 or just let them use it supervised

Cat vs. Conure

I am bringing home a conure in the near future and am trying to figure out whether or not I should trim it’s wings. I have a cat that stays inside and on one hand, birds are made to fly and my bird might be able to fly off if it’s flighted, but on the […]

Peach faced Lovebird and a Parakeet

Can you put a Peach faced Lovebird and a Parakeet in a flight cage together? I had a Indian Ringneck, but something ( I think a neighborhood black cat) got ahold of her the other night, and pulled a wing off. She died last night. My Indian Ringneck was in one flight cage and my […]


My Conure has been treating her bed like a nest I think. I have cloth I put in there ( it’s a hay tunnel like enclosure opened only in front) She usually spits up on the cloth and arranges it, but lately that’s all she does (and not sure if she is a she) . […]

How Can I help my parakeets like their cage?

Hi! This may will make one year with my pair of Budgies. I found that I may have spoiled them by letting them out of their cage all the time. After they have their breakfast, they’ll start screeching because I try to keep them in until 12pm. (Usually uncover their cage at 9am). Will this […]

natural wood

Hello, first of i want to apologize for my english, it is not my first language. I am gonna have a cockatiel in a few weeks and i read mutch about how the cage should look like. Natural wood was highly recommended in a cage so i went outside and i found some good looking […]

Travel Companions?

What p;recautions should be practiced when taking a green-cheeked conure with me during, say, week-long visits to another community or vacation spot? A smaller, “travel cage” will need to be acquired. What other considerations are there?

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