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Outdoor Risks – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

We have a large flight cage that we are setting up inside because of outdoor diseases and animals and the weather is tough at times. what diseases should we worry if we put the greys outside during nice weather? We have a couple of cages a round tall cage and a square cage for them […]

tips to cage a free roaming bird

Dear Lafeber team, I have lovebirds that have been safely free roaming in my home their entire lives. Due to the fact that they are fighting a lot, it was recommended I keep them apart. I would love to keep them caged most of the day and allow them outside for a few hours a […]

Wooden cage

I heard from somebody that wooden cages cause scaly mites for birds. Is this true? Are wooden cages safe for birds? I have canaries.


all you cages are stainless steel. What do you think of powder coated cages-are they safe?

Pressure spot on foot

My cockatiel got a sore on the hock of his foot. Used vet cream for 10 days. 1 month later still a spot though no longer open. Vet suggested getting rid of flat perch though it is his absolute favorite. He does have variety of perches in terms of size, shape, and material. Any options […]

Cage size

How large (in inches) should a cage be for 4-6 canaries?


Why do dove always spill their food on the ground. Every time


Can I put 2 older conures together in the same cage if they have always been in seperate cages

Cleaning canary cage

How do I clean my canaries’ cages while they are still inside? I dont mean a deep clean, just the weekly thing.

How to clean canary cage

I was recently told by this website not to let my canaries out of their cage. If so, how do I clean their cage thoroughly? I am not at all being rude, I want to learn.

Had to separate my budgies do to fighting

How do I get them put back together I have had them 3 years know problem then I got s bigger cage put them in after a few weeks my male was trying to hurt my female to the point she was bleeding I really need help with this one

Flat perch

My 5 year old female lovebird only uses her flat perch, refuses regular perches. Is this harmful for her feet? She also poops on it and is a chore to clean.


Can I leave my budgie outside?

Ringed neck dove

Is it safe to keep the cage outdoors with a wind protection year round? I live in Central Texas. When should I bring the cage indoors? Should I cover the cage at night?

Zebra finches

Hi I’m looking to get a bigger cage for my finches found one but a review said her finches were able to escape the cage bar spacing is 1.5cm is that to big should I just stick to cages that are 1cm bar spacing please

Budgie cage wire spacing

I have bought 2 budgie pair yesterday from an online seller. According to seller they are breeding pairs and have raised chicks before. So I had to attach breeding box in their cages. Now the problem is the cage I have homed cockatiels before,so it’s wire spacing is different. My cockatiel pair accidentally flew away […]


How long does it take a flock to accept a new bird or how long does it take a young bird to become comfortable with a new flock. Recently adopted a 22 week old cockatiel and he seems to be a loner. He very seldom associates with the existing birds. He does not fly away […]


my 2 birds Pepe [male] & santina [female] after 4 years have had 3 babies …I also have 2 other birds in another cage charlie[male] & lucy [female]….Can all of these budgies be put into 1 big cage without to many problem or what do you suggest to do?

Pair or Trio

Can three tiels live happy or should they be even numbers?

Aviary wire mesh

I’m planning to build an aviary for my cockatiels soon, but can’t find a definitive answer on what the best wire mesh material to use. Some people say galvanized wire is made with materials that may poison birds, others say they use it just fine. Not sure what to believe


What is the best bedding for a cockatoo? Are extruded pine pellets safe for the bird?

Cage versus open

What is safer for night frights? Open space like a room or a cage? I had an intruder in my house and so my birds, a cockatiel and a budgie, were flying around in the house in the office room they sleep in, in the dark, and a night light is not enough there. I […]

Multiple cockatiel travel cage

We will be doing a 4.5 hour relocation travel. We have four cockatiels to make the trip. What size travel cage do you recommend?

lock it up in cage

Do cokatiels enjoy being locked up in a bird cage? Is it very cruel to do that?

Solo parakeet and vacation

We are going to be gone for 8 days and are taking our 2 dogs with us. We are going on a road trip. Any idea if a parakeet would fare better with us or taken to a sitter. The sitter is my mom but it’d be a new environment with 2 new dogs our […]

Budgie perch

Hi, I want to purchase a perch for my budgie cages. These 2 I found are really good for them. Grape Vine is recommended. Which one should I go for? Ones thicker that the other. I’m stuck between them. I have attached 2 links. Luoji Parrot Perch Natural Wood Bird Stand Perch Birdcage Standing Grinding […]


Hi! You answered my earlier question about Cockatiels, and thank you for the great answer. What would be an appropriate sized cage for a cockatiel? I know it would have to be bigger than a cage for 2 parakeets, although the cage we got for our parakeets is really big, and it’s a flight cage […]

Dove diamond

My diamond dove lost its feet. How do I care for it. I moved it from the cage that was shared with another diamond dove.

Pet parrot- Summer heat question

Hello, I have 2 conures, 1 indian red neck parrot and 1 lovebird and all are aged around 1 year. I keep the birds in a large aviary on my shaded porch outside where there is no direct sunlight throughout the day and there is moving air. I live in the UAE and summer is […]

Traveling with pet birds

What is the safest way to travel with two diamond doves during a move to our new home 5 hours away?

Single Zebra Finch

Hello, Is a zebra finch happier in a pair or can they do well solo? We had two male finches but one recently passed away so just have one male. We don’t want to breed so no females but can a finch be happy as the sole bird? We keep him with us right now […]

International Shipping

I have 4 Zebra Finches, happy, in good health, and very well hand tamed. I love these babies very much, but sadly I am moving. I am moving from Germany to the USA, and would like to take them with me. I found many pet transport companys that will be able to ship the birds […]

Adopting a bird…what should I know?

I have quite a few questions. I’m planning on having my bird on my shoulder/with me most of the time. But that would mean me being downstairs where cleaning supplies are being used, and teflon pans are being used. Is there any possible way for that to work? Because I also heard that birds cages […]

Lovebird sleeping .

Why dose my lovebird peach face always sleeping out of his cage ? He always sleeps on the outside of the cage ?

my parakeet

Hi I’m a pet parakeet owner and I would like some advice on what to do with my pet parakeet my mother is in charge of feeding and where to put the cage but unfortunately my parakeet doesn’t get much attention and usually just spends there day in a cage in a room without barely […]

Caging mixed species together

wanting to add my canaries (2) parakeets (2) and cockatiels (2) together into a big cage …anything I should be worried about. Right now they are in separate cages but do see each other.

african gray

what size cage should i get for a african gray

Nutrition, disinfecting

what do you suggest to use for disinfecting water and food bowls? is it sufficient to wash dishes with hot water and scrubbing with a non-toxic dish soap? hoping you will suggest what type of food you suggest to prevent all the deficiencies you’ve shown. also, can you suggest how to switch from seed to […]


what kind of disinfectant is safe to use on cages for the birds

Nail trimming perches

We just purchased, a blue color, perch, for his feet, he seems not to go near it, he looks scared, I tried yo put my green-cheek conure parrot named Charlie, on it, he refuses, what can I do!!!

Parrotlet information

Good morning I am in the process of adopting a baby parrotlet (he arrives at the end of October). My (soon to be) vet has pointed me in your direction. I was hoping you could send me some information on them? I am new to bird community and would like to prepare myself, however your […]

Do lovebirds need separate space to sleep?

I have a 4 month old african lovebird (lutino) , a single bird. He/she , i dont know about its gender, i believe its a male. He was wounded and i found him in my backyard , but my question is when ever i switch off the lights during night time he latches on to […]

Sleep Environment

My GCC sleeps in a smaller cage in my walk in closet at night. She has a little shelf she doesn’t use, but chooses to sleep while clinging to her cage. Her favorite place to nap during the day is snuggled into my hair. I’m worried she’s not comfortable enough at night and want to […]

Different Colored Budgies

Hi, I basically have the same question. Do different color budgies get along living in the same cage?

How to Take Care of Budgie Eggs

Hello, We have two budgies who mated and layer seven eggs together. Tomorrow is going to be the 18th day since the first egg was laid. From researching online, the eggs generally hatch somewhere between 18-23 days if fertile, but I couldn’t find consistent results online. How long should we wait till we could deem […]

Green Cheek Conures

I have 2 green cheek conures how much out of cage time do they need? Do they have to be Only on pellet diet? Should there cage be covered at night? Should green cheeks be seen every year by the vet? Can you tell genders of conures? Also should i get pet insurance for birds? […]

Birds for appartement life

Hello I’m interested in buying a bird but i live a 3 1/2 size Appartement building . which bird species would suited for life in a Appartement? I would a medium-sized bird.

abused african greys

Can having your greys who where abused in a big of a cage make them more nervous or afraid.

How should I give my bird water

Bit of a dumb question, but, I’m getting a bird soon, and I wanted to know how I should give them water. If it should be a small bowl or a bottle like thing that you sometimes see in hamster cages. If needed my type of bird is going to be a budgie/ parakeet

Egg laying

Please discuss how to prevent egg binding and what to do to help a momma bird keeps laying eggs with no mate? 1)How can we help her? 2) Also how much room do finches need? (Gouldin finches)

New Home Acclimation

I am seeking advice on how to safely acclimate our family’s 26 year old double yellow headed Amazon, Jasper, to my home. He has lived with my parents since they first adopted him in 1993 (I was 19 at the time). My mother, Jasper’s primary caregiver, passed away 5 years ago. My dad has cared […]

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