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Will she associated this with cacthing?

So verde is indeed sick and we are transporting her to the emergency vet now but I have a question. I couldinguse the towle this time to get her in the box because she was too fast and kept flying away. So I just picked her up with my hand is that ok? Will she […]


I had him before mothers day as a gift for mothers day and he was a baby still is . so yes need help for him to trust me .thanks

Bird hates to be touched

We’ve had our pet parakeet for 3 years now. The first 2 years he was able to come out his cage after school. I have owned several different parakeets over my lifetime. I wanted to spend time with the bird so I grabbed him and he got extremely infuriated. He is very jittery and does […]

Parrotlet behavior

How do you get a parrotlet to stop biting? She likes to be with me but just constantly bites. I’ve tried gently blowing on her to distract her. (She scolds me if I leave her in her cage.)


My cockatiel who has pretty much up to this point been compliant with bedtime routine. However, the last 6 weeks he has become IMPOSSIBLE!!!! He flies off, screeches, bites and is a real monster when it comes to bedtime. Now anytime we go to try to get him he flies off thinking we are putting […]

My Senegal Parrot Socrates

Hello Brenda, My Senegal Parrot Socrates; his behavior towards me changed. And I don’t understand why. He was originally very friendly towards me. But recently he has become extremely frightened. He used to let me pet his head. He used to sit on my shoulder sometimes. But when he bit me once on my ear; […]


i bought a parakeet and i’m raring it to become a service animal, any tips or suggestions?

Budgie training

Hi, I recently bought a budgie that I was told was hand reared, I got him at 8 weeks old and he is now 10 weeks. He literally runs away from me every time I try get close, he sometimes gets on my finger when I am holding millet but jumps off as soon as […]

My cockatiel flies away

I got one cockatiel about less than 2 weeks ago. She is randomply screaming, I checked if she was fine and I also checked her food, water, cage, etc.. Everything was fine. I thought that maybe she wanted attention, but everytime I went near her, she gets agitated and flies away from me, in her […]

Lovebird trust (Follow up/Update)

Hello, it’s me again. This is meant to be a follow up question regarding Kiwi, my peach faced lovebird who I have asked about in a previous question Lovebird Trust I am writing this to inform you that it have been quite some time and I have worked on Kiwi was far as earning my […]

He said no to clipping

Hello we went to the vet and she asked if I wanted her wings clipped but before I could say anything my dad said no, I tried to convince him that it was only temporary but he said that clipping isn’t natural and it’s not right since clipping is now not an option, do u […]


Hi there, I am looking to buy a parrotlet, and I have found a breeder who has a Celestial Green, which is just what I want. He is now 6/7 weeks old, but because of a holiday already booked, I will be bringing him home at 13/14 weeks old – is that a good age? […]

goffin biting

My cockatoo (goffin) is 5 yrs old and although quite tame will suddenly exhibit aggressive behaviour e.g biting. He also screeches a lot. I have followed the guidelines for dealing with this e.g. staying calm, placing him back in his cage, toys etc. etc. What else can I do to deter the biting? Will an […]


I’m sorry to bother you cause I know you just answered one my my questions but I was unable to take verde to her appointment today because I don’t know how to transfer her to her travel box and it was so stressful for everyone involved I just broke down mentally and felt like a […]


Hello I’m sorry to bother You, umm well I’m not sure if this is right but I’ve been looking for something to call you so is it ok if I call you miss Brenda?! Anyway I was wondering if you could help me. My birds clipping appointment is two days and I’m starting to have […]

Lovebird Napping Positions

Hello. My lovebird is about 5 months old. He loves to lay down when he takes naps. He also loves to be in pockets and in our hair. We bought him a hanging coconut toy and he loves to sleep in there at night. Is that normal/okay?

Taming a cockatiel

I had bought a pair of cockatiel yesterday…And they are 2 months old…That are not yet tamed…Is that easy to tame now?and if not wat will happen if they are not tamed?


I have been trying to tame and bond with verde the bonding doesn’t seem to be the issue rather it’s the biting that’s the problem. Before I thought that it was just okay but When I pay more attention to it whenever she sees my hand she runs up to it and tries to bite […]

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