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Hi my mom has three cockatiels one female and two males the only female is Emily our two males are duke emilys brother and storm we want Emily to mate with storm but duke wants her all to home self and we are having trouble with duke he keeps chewing on my moms eye glasses […]

Parakeet Biting

I’ve had my male parakeet (Pico) for 9 months. He keeps biting me, nearly breaking the skin. He’s aggressive with his toys as well. If I feed him a treat, he takes a bite and then bites me hard. He likes to sit on my shoulder, but then bites my jaw. Does he think he’s […]


Hello, I would like to ask for advice on a specific training method. Our CAG Smokey lives in an aviary, she is 6 months and three weeks old, we have had her since the age of three weeks, she has been free-flying outdoors since the age of four months, and she already speaks a few […]

What is CPBC

What does CPBC mean and how do you get that title? Please offer the (senior) Amazon a flat perch.

my parakeet

Hi I’m a pet parakeet owner and I would like some advice on what to do with my pet parakeet my mother is in charge of feeding and where to put the cage but unfortunately my parakeet doesn’t get much attention and usually just spends there day in a cage in a room without barely […]

Clipping wings

Are your birds wings clipped? Do you advise doing so?

Conure behavior

I have a Pineapple Conure that is 7 months old. When we got him 4 months ago he was the sweetest bird I have ever had. Now he just wants to bite my hands, my feet etc. Why is he biting all of the time? Can I do anything to change it?

Training a Rosella

What do I need to do to train a Rosella bird. it is only 2 weeks old and it i is trying to bite the tip of my fingers and my ears when on the shoulder. How do I get it not to do so and listen to my instructions.


Wondering if anyone’s got any tips for me please? (I kind of have an idea already but it’s sometimes best to have an outside opinion too), this little fella is okay with hands when they are on the outside of the cage he comes upto them & just gently nibbles your fingers through the bars, […]


I have a hand reared cockatiel. She is now fully weaned and on seeds only. She came from a very good breeder. We brought her home and she is so shy and timid. She will take food from the hand (sunflower seeds) and understands step up….. but bringing her out of her cage onto her […]

How do I train a lovebird?

I’m getting my bird as a baby and I want to train it to know me and who my family is. I also want to teach him tricks. How would I go about that? Also, I plan to be very interactive with my bird so how long will he take to get used to me?

Indian ringneck wont tame with me

Hello. My indian ringneck has been with me for now a year and he just doesnt like me. He is too scared and shy and i dont know what to do. I communicate with him everyday and talk to him. I think he trusts me he eats infront of me, he plays, he grooms but […]


Hello.. I bought a pair of cocktails before a week. They are 2-2.5 months old.. they can eat seeds and can drink water by themselves only. My question is, whenever i am trying them to get out of their cage they will come and sit on my finger but not longer time. They jump and […]

How to cure/help a traumatized an Indian Ring-necked Parakeet

Hello dears, I got a really cute 3 years old, but sadly traumatized Indian ring-necked Parakeet, he really suffers from Angst! How should I help to cure his fear and calm him down? Thanks in Advance Your help is highly appreciated to rescue these birds and bringing them back to life&love Shad Tofiq

My macaw won’t step off my shoulder

Hey! I have a blue and gold macaw that likes to be picked up but when I pick him up he runs to my shoulder and stay there and if I try to remove him he bites me is there a way to train him to not go to my shoulder or for him to […]

Settling in Quaker

Hi we bought a quaker 2 weeks ago and when we try to put our hands in the cage he tries to fly away and avoid us. What is the best way to gain his trust. He wont come to the bars to take treats. I don’t think he has been hand reared. He is […]

Sweet Parakeete

I’ve had my sweet Ollie for almost two months. He is very attentive to me, engages me in “conversation”. We have spent countless hours building trust…here’s my question – how long will it take him to let me handle him. Whenever I put my hand in the cage near him he moves away. I can […]

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