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aggressive cockatiel

i was given a male cockatiel who wasnt handled for five years he came with a female can handle her but hes very aggressive he bites charges at me when i clean cage i have tried to work with him but its not working at all i cant handle him what do i do how […]

Stopping hand feeding formula for a cocktail and taming them

Hi when can we stop hand feeding formula for a cocktail ? I have a pair of cocktail which is 2 and a half months old one is friendly with me and other one is trying to bite my fingers ? When I remove them for training they fly away what is the solution?

Quaker Parrot

I would like to let my Quaker parrot out of hus cage. However I just inherited him, and how do I make sure he doesn’t poop in the house. Also, how do I get him back in his cage.

Taming lovebirds

Ordered one pair of lovebirds(male n female ).and m a beginner for keeping pet birds .they are semi adult and already paired with each other so how much time can I tame them ?? Please let me know

Scared but no running

If i move my hand slow, i can get next to my 2 budgie(female and male) when they stay on the stick, but i tink they are scared… if i touch the foot a little bit, they move the foot closer to them, and if i try or touch the body, they get realy scared […]

Baby Cockatiel taming

Hello my pair of cockatiel had just have babies. If I want them to be tamed How old should they be, so I should start hand feeding them and how should I tame them?

How do I regain a budgies trust?

I was trying to hand tame my two budgies, with millet in my palm and holding it near them when one slipped past me and out of the cage. He was flying around my room like crazy bumping into walls and the ceiling. I almost caught him once, but he wriggled out of my hands […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

Sorry for emailing again on this but I’ve been able to hand feed my new 8 week old and my year and half year old budgies mainly kail and a bit of millit. My old budgie use to be very scared of new things including food and I’d have to force him to come out […]

Cockatiel taming

Hello I have two pair of cockatiel and I think their one and half years old because I bought that from pet shop however much I tried I couldn’t get thier trust, so can i hand tame my sweet feather companion

Lovebird behavior

11 year old female peachface lovebird lost mate 1 1/2 years ago. By mistake, we purchased a male fischers, now 1 year old. He wants to “associate” with her….she wants to kill him and has bled him several times. They are now in separate cages. She tolerates the wife and me while he avoids us. […]

Budgie Training

Hey Lafeber, I have a question. I have 5 budgies in a cage, I want to train them and tame them, however since they’re a flock, they will get distracted if I train them in the same cage, so I decided to pick one and put her in a separate cage, trained her but i […]

Cockatiel not very interested in me

I have a cockatiel that does not want me to bring him out of his cage. Sometimes he will come on to a ladder and sit with me. After 2 years he will step up on to my finger while sitting next to me but it is a struggle to have him sit with me.. […]


Do u have any solution to teaching a cocktiel to talk?

Is my baby Cockatiel a male or female?

Hi, I have a 2 ½ month old baby Lutino Cockatiel. It is beautiful and adorable! I’m dying to know if the personality behavior could be a possible clue to it’s sex. I understand a blood test would be the best way to find out if the bird is a boy or a girl. My […]

How to get budgie into the cage

I have two budgies that are always welcome to fly around my room. But they are both untamed and I cant get them back in the cage without chasing them around. Normally I let them roam until they go back in by themselves but I have dogs and cats so I can’t let them out […]

Cocktail female bird

Hi I have a female cocktail bird since a year I’m somehow always available in the house and she is so attached to me. No one else in the house Now i will be working and most probably I will leave her long hours alone. Should I get her a companion? As sometimes when I […]

Lovebird biting

Hi, I have a lovebird chick aged 3 months old. It has been hand reared since 2 weeks old and tamed too. And it began to forage/eat millet by itself from the age of 1 and 1/2 month and I stop the hand rearing. Recently, I found that my lovebird act so aggressive by biting […]

Can I train my budgie without millet spray?

I can’t get a millet spray cuz I am a kid my parents are like. Just let him have seed millet won’t give an impact. Olso I have a (baby) budgie and it is olso not eating from my hand. So I can’t try to learn him tricks .olso my budgie is not so active […]

Canary free flight

Whenever I clean my canarys’ cages, I let them out for a free flight. But I haven’t been successful getting them back in the cage without causing stress. I catch them under a fly net and guide them back to the cage. I’m afraid I have tried multiple things other than that: food in the […]


I was just wondering about should I buy q hand rared conure or should I get a baby conure and hand rare it myself

Tame a cockateil

Hi, How to teach a cockateil chick, aged 2 ++ months to ride a tricycle toy? And do some tricks and freefly? In nutshell, what I want is, the bird need to obey all my commands without resisting it? Thanks.

Make cockatiel

I have a 1 year old cockatiel. I got him about 6 months ago. At first he was a lil scared but then he chilled out, but now when I go to his cage to get him out he tries to get away from me and he flys away and screams to the top of […]

Alexandrine Parrot Update

Hi, My pet parrot has significantly bonded with me and my family now. He has learnt how to talk too. He likes sitting on my shoulder and whenever I eat something he just comes to the table to ask for some food. He still is scared of new people but its completely fine.

My New Blue Crown Conure

I have a new blue crown conure named Paulie. His last home, he was alone all day with the radio. I have tried to acclimate him to my other birds, but he hates them He screams nonstop. I take him out of the bird room and put him by himself with the radio on and […]

Training Parrot to Let me touch it

Hi, I trained my Alexandrine today and it’s so cool! I put him in the cage with no problems! I am only facing only one problem which is that it gets angry if I try to touch its head. He raises his beak so much that touching his head becomes impossible. If I try to […]


I would love to let my two 3month old bogies fly outside the cage. When is best to do this? Will I ever gain their trust to allow me to touch them. I let them out and they were very startled and flew into the walls and furniture. Is it safe for them?

taming a baby Cockateil without parents around

I want to tame a baby cockatiel , he is 6 weeks old now, earlier he was liking to come to me and spend time with me, when i was feeding hi m also , but since i started keeping him with his parents , he is showing less interest in coming out and listening […]

Step-Up Training?

Hi, This is an update as well as a question for my Alexandrine Parrot. He has been allowing me to pet and scritch his cheeks and head. He bites everyone in my family except me. I have started to train him to step up. He puts one foot on my finger and does not put […]

What to do after Target Training?

Hi, This question is about my Alexandrine Parrot. He doesn’t let me touch him, only his beak, so I cannot even think of making him step up. I have target trained him really well. What next?

My IRN is scared

I recently bought a female indian ringneck , she is around 2 years old and her story is pretty sad. She was owned by an old lady that didnt take care of her , let her out of the cage most of the time with no interactions and fed her only apples. A bird lover […]

Parrot sitting on the cage and not going inside

Hi, I own an Alexandrine Parrot. I always keep him out of his cage and only make him go inside during the night. It’s night right now, and he’s sitting on the cage and beak grinding. I wanted to ask for an efficient way for him to go back inside his cage.

IRN’s kept with love for 9 months still no sign of taming

Hi, I bought 3 IRN’s on 12 March 2021. I have given them nutritious fruits and seeds from the day I got them. I also talk to them for hours daily. Still, whenever I show them my hand, or even go close to them, they flap their wings and keep getting scared till I go […]


Hello, so I had my parrot for about a year and a half and she can eat from my hand, I can pick her up, but whenever my hand is higher (doesn’t matter if I am trying to touch her or anything) she bites. I always let her out for at least two hours if […]

Lovebird behavior

I have a 3 month old lovebird. And she will not step up. Not even with the lure of millet. Is it ok to move my lovebirds cage from room to room and outside during day with me. Also is it good to play lovebird singing for her. She seems to love it. It is […]

Teaching parrot to swim?

This might be a silly question, and it’s not something I’m planning to do – but I was curious after seeing a youtube video a few months ago (can’t find it again now) in which someone had taught their macaw to swim in a pool. The bird was using its wings like oars – doing […]

Conure biting

I have a pineapple conure that likes to bite. How can I train him to stop?

Strange New Behavior

Hello. I have this 5 year old Fischer’s Lovebird at my room. Its gender remains unknown( but has traits of typical male) and it used to be the tamest and boldest in my flock family of three other lovebirds of same species. This month I noticed it was nervous and startled easily. It doesn’t perch […]

a pair of bonded cockatiel with a defensive male

i have successfully managed to step up the female cockatiel, and i could bring her to a perch to hang out, however, the male would get extremely agitated. she comes willing using the treat method, as he refuses to participate in training, even tho he does step up when he is in the mood, he […]

Green conure

Hi my green conure always refuses the leash and it always refuses to put it on no matter where we take him. I see other green conures put leaches and go out but nothing from ours

i dont know if its time or safe to let my bird out his cage

hi, i have a peach faced loved bird. i have had him for about three months or so. i understand that patience and training would be key in getting him to trust me and do certian tricks that would help in letting him out his cage daily. so far i can put my hand in […]

My new male cockatiel

About 15 days I got him. When I go to close to his cage he always goes away from me and moving very fastly and scared of me . I tried to calm down him but it doesn’t work. What should I do?

Separate two parrots or no?

Hello, so a few days ago one of my relatives bought a 3months year old green cheek conure called Coco. After a day she/he flew away from an open window and they couldn’t catch it, and the escape happened because a friend of theirs forgot to close the window so after a day they bought […]

Is it a good idea to go to pet store?

Hi, I’m the mum yesterday – So I want to ask, is it a good idea to go to pet store? Because I’ve read many websites and articles say that if I go to a pet store to buy a cockatiel it’s usually hard to train them. Is that true? Any suggestions?


We adopted a 6 year old cockatiel and he bites. How can I stop that?

Safe foods & teaching a parrot

I try to Google Bird safe foods and often the internet gives conflicting information. For example, some sites say radishes are safe for birds others say not to feed the birds radishes. I would love a comprehensive list of bird safe foods from a qualified avian resource. I belong to a Facebook group that shows […]

Same sex bonded conures fighting

I have recently adopted an 8 week old male green cheek conure and a 9 week old male black capped conure. Unbeknownst to me the breeder caged them together for a week before I got them. I was originally expecting to adopt 2 single birds. They seemed pretty bonded by the time I brought them […]

Budgie loves living room lamp

Hi. I got your answer regarding keeping my bird off of light fixtures. I got my budgie about a month ago and he came to me with clipped wings, so he is not a great flyer. Still, being clipped does not stop him from flying the short distance across the room to the lamp. He […]

My cockatiel hates me

So I volunteer at a Bird Sanctuary every Friday. I got my first cockatiel at Christmas and he loves me and lets me pet him and everything. I just got another one recently and she doesn’t want anything to do with me or my family. I got her from the sanctuary so I don’t know […]

Budgie loves living room lamp

Hi! Lately my budgie gravitates toward the living room lamp every time he is out of the cage. He loves to perch and climb on it. In the daytime I don’t mind so much, but I’m concerned because the lamp gets hot when we turn it on in the evening. I want it to be […]

Scared lovebirds

Hi! I have 4 lovebirds, 2 of which are the most recent additions. their names are Pepsi and sprite. they came for a not-so-nice breeding situation, and a cage that was 5 by 10 by 12 cm (yes, cm not inch) without perches because “they kept chewing the wood”. they have gotten used to their […]

Budgies training

I am following the guidance u gave before about budgies breeding…Now my budgie has laid 4 eggs and 3 has been hatched out ..Please could you suggest me how to train them and stop them running away from us and stop biting..

Will they not be hand tame?

Hi,so basically I have a cockatiel . And I have he/she for a month already. I try to put my hand inside the cage every day and treat he/she. My goal was to make the bird perch on my hand. So I lure the bird with the treat to come to my hand which actually […]


I have only had my bird about two weeks i always leave cage door open let him go in and out fly wherever he wants i talk to him everyday when i go to his cage he go around and around he also has his back turned to me he is 5yrs old not tame […]

Bitting problem

I brought one Alexander parrot and he is very scared , i love him and also care him but then also he bites me . He is very aggressive

Should i get my bird a friend?

Greetings. I got a show budgie about 2 months ago. Her name is Angel 🙂 I love her with all my heart but i have basically given up. After spending months sitting next to her, talking to her, offering treats and placing my hand near her she won’t become tame 🙁 She is not scared […]

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