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Taming a cockatiel

I had bought a pair of cockatiel yesterday…And they are 2 months old…That are not yet tamed…Is that easy to tame now?and if not wat will happen if they are not tamed?


I have been trying to tame and bond with verde the bonding doesn’t seem to be the issue rather it’s the biting that’s the problem. Before I thought that it was just okay but When I pay more attention to it whenever she sees my hand she runs up to it and tries to bite […]

my bird isn’t trusting me.

I brought my lovebird 2 months ago and he/she still doesn’t trust me. i’m assuming the my bed isn’t hand tamed the way he/she reacts to me putting my hand near or in the cage. my bird hasn’t bitten me but flies to one side and makes loud noises. what should i do to get […]

How to make my parakeet trust me?

Hi there, A few weeks ago, I rescued a parakeet; as in, he flew into my yard, I managed to capture him with a bin and a lot of bird seed and, after lots of posting online, talking with the local vet, and asking the local shelter, no owner has come forward and I’ve decided […]

When would be the best time to take her out

I’m sorry again in advance, guess I just don’t trust my own judgement. Those articles really helped. But I have another question, I think she really wants to get out of here cage it’s been four days since we got her. And verde just got a new cage yesterday that she’s in. She is was […]

Training a Grey

what is a good way to train an african grey, I don’t want to go the rout of using food/treats to get him to do what I want.


if i try to forage training with my birds they just don’t get it so they just don’t eat I’ve tried wrap food in paper it just sits there tried forage boxes same thing

mustache parakeet

I inherited a mustache parrot from a hoarding situation a few years ago. I have worked on being able to get her not to be afraid of me, she will let me pet her and she will eat out of my hand now. Three questions: She will not step up on my finger if I […]

Other species

Have you done experiments or training with any other species?


How often do the birds talk to each other?


That’s a big beak! Has one of your greys ever tried to bite you and if so, how do you handle it?

Study ethics

although we obviously love and care about your work, do you ever have to justify doing it since some people would think it is a waste of time and money to learn about bird intelligence?

Current studies

What’s the focus or focui of your current studies with the birds?


What do you do for a time out? Do the birds understand they are in time out?

Time Out

What do you do for “time out”?


Are these birds rescues or is it important for research to observe from birth?

chest bump

Hello, i was recently given a Hispanolian parrot as a gift by a family member, i would like to find out why she came without feathers also why she has a medium size bump on her chest. Regarding the taming part she bites and does not want to be touched. I’m trying to be slow […]

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