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Budgies training

I am following the guidance u gave before about budgies breeding…Now my budgie has laid 4 eggs and 3 has been hatched out ..Please could you suggest me how to train them and stop them running away from us and stop biting..

Will they not be hand tame?

Hi,so basically I have a cockatiel . And I have he/she for a month already. I try to put my hand inside the cage every day and treat he/she. My goal was to make the bird perch on my hand. So I lure the bird with the treat to come to my hand which actually […]


I have only had my bird about two weeks i always leave cage door open let him go in and out fly wherever he wants i talk to him everyday when i go to his cage he go around and around he also has his back turned to me he is 5yrs old not tame […]

Bitting problem

I brought one Alexander parrot and he is very scared , i love him and also care him but then also he bites me . He is very aggressive

Should i get my bird a friend?

Greetings. I got a show budgie about 2 months ago. Her name is Angel 🙂 I love her with all my heart but i have basically given up. After spending months sitting next to her, talking to her, offering treats and placing my hand near her she won’t become tame 🙁 She is not scared […]

Training a rosella

So I recently got a pair of rosella parrots they had some babies and now there are 3 months of old. I want to teach them how to whistle and if possible to make them talk a few words but I don’t know we’re or how to start. Also how do I know when they […]

Should i wait for my bird to come to me or make him?

Hello guys. I got a cockatiel a while back. Ive had him for about 2 weeks or so. He was hand tamed when we got him but still scared when put ij his new home. I read online that you should not touch your new birds for about two weeks so they can settle and […]

Not tame

Can a ringneck not handled by anyone be traned with an experienced new owner?

How long will it take for my budgie to like me after scaring her

I recently got a pet budgie. She looks to be hand tame as she was not that frightened when my hand was near her. I haven’t cared for a budgie before so i didn’t know the do’s and don’ts. On the first day i picked her up and started to handle him because the pet […]

Will i be able to tame two budgies in one cage?

Hello. I recently got one budgie, not sure if he was hand tamed but whenever i placed my hand near him he would only budge a little. Ive had him for a few days and decided its best to get him a friend since they are social creatures. Ive noticed that ever since the new […]

Bird doesn’t like me

Hi, I got my parakeet almost two years ago, and I played with him a lot, but stopped playing with him after that. He still doesn’t really like me. He will get on my finger, but he always tenses up whenever I get near to him. When I open his cage he always flies around […]

Conure behavior

How do I persuade my sun conure to return to its cage willingly?

Lovebird companion

I am considering acquiring a companion for my 6 month old male Peach-faced Lovebird. Kiwi seems very unhappy if he is stuck in his cage, and sometimes paces back and forth on the cage’s floor. If the cage is opened up on top, Kiwi has the habit of flying to the floor, and then running […]


My cockatiel 2 years old plenty seed millet pellets available in his cage still only wants his porridge will rather starve than eat anything else

Issues with training a Cockatiel

I have a 3 1/2 months old Cockatiel. I want to work with her on some of her behavior, but she gets upset when I reward her only a bit of millet. Ive tried pine nuts, but she won’t touch them. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to train her effectively like this, but […]


Hi my mom has three cockatiels one female and two males the only female is Emily our two males are duke emilys brother and storm we want Emily to mate with storm but duke wants her all to home self and we are having trouble with duke he keeps chewing on my moms eye glasses […]

Parakeet Biting

I’ve had my male parakeet (Pico) for 9 months. He keeps biting me, nearly breaking the skin. He’s aggressive with his toys as well. If I feed him a treat, he takes a bite and then bites me hard. He likes to sit on my shoulder, but then bites my jaw. Does he think he’s […]

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