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Toxic fumes

Is there a list of commonly used toxins that people use, that are dangerous to parrots( probably other pets too, and it must hurt humans to some degree).

Sudden passing of our parrotlet

Our 9 year old female parrotlet suddenly passed away after making strange chirping sounds for about 1 minute, then tipped over and fell from her perch and died. She had a great varied diet, very happy and stress free environment and a large cage cleaned daily in our home. The only cause that I can […]

Adopting a bird…what should I know?

I have quite a few questions. I’m planning on having my bird on my shoulder/with me most of the time. But that would mean me being downstairs where cleaning supplies are being used, and teflon pans are being used. Is there any possible way for that to work? Because I also heard that birds cages […]

Cat bites

Is a cats bite always a death sentence

Shipping boxes

Hello, During the first First Aid lecture, I saw a question regarding the use shipping boxes for birds to chew on. I didn’t see that question answered and am wondering the same thing; is it safe to allow the birds to chew on used shipping boxes after the tape/labels have been removed.

Van life with Cockatiel

We are interested in pursuing a nomadic life style in the near future, with Frisko our Cockatiel. Our main concern is with our Propane stove and heater, due to the fumes it emits. We don’t have any concerns regarding his living condition do to immense training with a harness to new environments, as well as […]

Boxes for toys 2

I have the same question as Lorraine about shipping boxes being potentially sprayed with a disinfectant and parrots getting sick and dying from chewing on those boxes. Have you seen or heard of any cases? What’s your general take on giving shipping boxes to parrots if they don’t trigger hormonal responses?

boxes for toys

“Recently there is online discussion about giving shipping boxes to parrots to shred…conflicting info if they are sprayed with disenfectant….your thoughts is is advisable to Not do so? Personally I only give food boxes, safe woods, etc.”

Is mold resistant paint safe for birds?

Hi, I just moved into a condo and my room is in the finished basement walkout. Sadly we discovered mold in my bedroom walk-in closet. On top of that, there was a pipe slowly leaking behind the drywall in the downstairs family room and into the carpet for maybe months. I plan to remove all […]

Aromas dangers to my parrot

I bathed my dogs in a natural shampoo. The ingredients have peppermint oil in it. I’m worried the smell of the shampoo may be dangerous to my parrots. Would you know if this may harm them?

Is new carpet toxic to birds?

Hi, My family and I may be moving to a new house. The main floor of the house and the staircase leading to downstairs needs new carpeting, but not the finished walkout basement where my bedroom and beloved 20 year old roommate named Atticus (cockatiel) will be. Is new carpet toxic to birds and should […]

teflon pans

Can I use Teflon coated muffin pans if I use paper muffin liners?

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Floor cleaning

Have heard that certain scents are harmful to parrots. What can I use to clean and deoderize laminate wood flooring that won’t harm my African Grey?

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cleaning the humans house

What kind of cleaning products can I use to clean my house but not harm my birds? This has probably been asked but I am new to owning birds. Thank You.

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I have heard burning candles is not good for birds.? We have an umbrella cockatoo and my wife wants to use her candles…will it be bad for the bird?

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I have heard burning candles is not good for birds.? We have an umbrella cockatoo and my wife wants to use her candles…will it be bad for the bird?

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Eating plants

Hello, My cockatiel is 6 months old. He always sits on my plants and eat on the leaves. What van i do?

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Are Eggplant’s leaves safe for Budgies? Cause mine ate almost half of a big one in my garden…

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