Bird food

We feed our sun conure Nutriberries and our cockatiel Avicakes. We order by the case and freeze it thaw as needed. We have small miller like bugs fly out of the thawed products.What is the problem?(the retailer?)

Tags: asked October 31, 2008


Hi Don,

Bugs, especially seed moths, occur in all grain based products. Usually freezing will kill the eggs & any live insects. I have never heard of any surviving the freezing process. We can’t control how our product is stored once it goes to a distributor, & bugs will hatch out if stored in warm temperatures. Usually we recommend freezing the product for at least 48 hours to prevent anything from hatching. Please contact our customer service at 800-842-6445 & let them know what the bugs look like & where you buy your food. Perhaps the distributor is storing it for too long, but I can’t understand why freezing the food is not working.

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