Betsy Holste

I miss my little Birdie but want to share how wonderful your canary pellets were to give him a long life of 14 years (1991 to 2005). Birdie was an Orchard Oriole fledgling and by the time he feathered out and could fly, his family had flown south for the fall and winter to Texas.

By the time they returned in May, he was a permanent house pet. I found your pellets and he thrived on those as well as eating most foods from our family menu-unseasoned cooked meats, vegetables and even a taste of melted ice cream although it made him fluff up and look so cold.

He had a large cage in the south facing bay window but also was out throughout our older home and would find me in whatever room I was in. At the computer, he would sit on my hands as I typed. If watching TV, he would snuggle on my shoulder and fall asleep against my neck. When alone, the TV was left on for his entertainment. The theme music from Mash was a favorite and his song would reflect his enjoyment of certain programs and movies.

Birdie and I enjoyed entertaining the young children of good friends. They also were able to help rescue injured wild birds and would ask for suggestions.
Just before his 14th birthday, Birdie would spend his days sleeping. Often he would sit quietly on my arm in the sun. His appetite stayed good but I believe his heart was giving way. He is buried below the window his cage sat in and the flowerbeds have yearly visits from the orchard orioles and their families who spend the summer in our yard and windbreak on the farm.

Betsy HolsteNorthwest Kansas
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