Virginia Wright

I adopted Gilbert, Timneh African Grey, when he was a year old, he was hatched in 1994 where we lived in Ohio.. Our six children had left home by the time we adopted Gilbert. Gilbert and my hubby
were great pals, Gilbert was quite upset when my husband passed in 2001. Gilbert and I moved to South Carolina soon after my husband’s passing.. Gilbert is very talkative, he understands what I tell him and obeys my directions. He is able to carry on intelligent conversations with me, obeys me when I ask him to do something and at times, he tells me what to do. We are best buddies! He watches tv part of the day, we take walks outside and inside the apartment building. We have fun together visiting with the other residents of the building we live in. Gilbert has eaten Lafeber Nutri-Berries his entire life. He is a very healthy 23 year old, and has never been ill except when he ate a styrofoam peanut when he was very young.

Virginia WrightSouth Carolina
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