Your wonderful and healthy products are what’s keeping my 24 year old gray cockatiel alive and well. He’s been eating Lafeber’s foods since he was weaned from his parents! He particularly loves his Tropical Fruit and Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries. Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes are eagerly devoured also! Thank you for all you do! Here’s hoping my bird and I will continue to do business with Lafeber’s for many more years to come!

Joseph Rodrigues

I miss my little Birdie but want to share how wonderful your canary pellets were to give him a long life of 14 years (1991 to 2005). Birdie was an Orchard Oriole fledgling and by the time he feathered out and could fly, his family had flown south for the fall and winter to Texas.

By the time they returned in May, he was a permanent house pet. I found your pellets and he thrived on those as well as eating most foods from our family menu-unseasoned cooked meats, vegetables and even a taste of melted ice cream although it made him fluff up and look so cold.

He had a large cage in the south facing bay window but also was out throughout our older home and would find me in whatever room I was in. At the computer, he would sit on my hands as I typed. If watching TV, he would snuggle on my shoulder and fall asleep against my neck. When alone, the TV was left on for his entertainment. The theme music from Mash was a favorite and his song would reflect his enjoyment of certain programs and movies.

Birdie and I enjoyed entertaining the young children of good friends. They also were able to help rescue injured wild birds and would ask for suggestions.
Just before his 14th birthday, Birdie would spend his days sleeping. Often he would sit quietly on my arm in the sun. His appetite stayed good but I believe his heart was giving way. He is buried below the window his cage sat in and the flowerbeds have yearly visits from the orchard orioles and their families who spend the summer in our yard and windbreak on the farm.

Betsy HolsteNorthwest Kansas

I adopted Gilbert, Timneh African Grey, when he was a year old, he was hatched in 1994 where we lived in Ohio.. Our six children had left home by the time we adopted Gilbert. Gilbert and my hubby
were great pals, Gilbert was quite upset when my husband passed in 2001. Gilbert and I moved to South Carolina soon after my husband’s passing.. Gilbert is very talkative, he understands what I tell him and obeys my directions. He is able to carry on intelligent conversations with me, obeys me when I ask him to do something and at times, he tells me what to do. We are best buddies! He watches tv part of the day, we take walks outside and inside the apartment building. We have fun together visiting with the other residents of the building we live in. Gilbert has eaten Lafeber Nutri-Berries his entire life. He is a very healthy 23 year old, and has never been ill except when he ate a styrofoam peanut when he was very young.

Virginia WrightSouth Carolina
Cockatiel on table eating Avi-Cakes

All my birds love Avi-Cakes and it is their base diet, but they always taste better when you stand on them! This is Misty, who unfortunately passed away in 2004. She couldn’t wait for the Avi-Cakes to make it to the food bowl and always insisted on commandeering them!

Amy HopkinsGuilford, CT
Steve the macaw

Dear Lafeber Co.,

I have been doing business with you since 1995, and I just want to say that your product is the best on the market.

My birds, a pair of B/G Macaws, a pair of African Greys and my Moluccan Cockatoo, thrive on your Nutri-Berries.

Your customer service is beyond belief on the positive  side. I remember back sometime when your customer support went above and beyond in order to keep my birds and I happy and healthy. Thank you for being there.


Stephen T. PappasNewton, NJ
parrot named Perky standing by tub of pellets

Dear Lafeber, Our bird Perky loves his Premium Daily Diet pellets!

Lyle and Helen WilkinsonPrairie du Chien, WI
conure named Reggie standing on shelf

My conure never eats anything but your products. He has been on seed and table food for years and it has made me insane. I have tried everything from very expensive to the cheapest type of bird food, trying to find something he will eat that would fall even modestly into the category of being good for him. He will eat all of it; the Nutri-Berries; the veggies; fruit and his favorite are the Avi-cake. He doesn’t make a huge mess either since he can hold it in his feet. And I appreciate the affordability of the product.

Please don’t go out of business or Reggie will starve.

Again, thank you.

Ann Moulton and Reggie
Chloe an African Grey perched atop a wire cage

We have an African Grey (Chloe) that is such a picky eater. Since I’ve been giving her all the flavors of Nutri-Berries and Avi-cakes I have no problem with her eating. I have ordered the Premium Daily Diet also and I’m hoping she will like that too. She loves all your products so far and I see you have Popcorn Nutri-Berrie Treats. I’ll try that on her when I order again.

Tell Dr. Lafeber He’s the best!

Ed and Janice JenkinsParrotsville TN
Lovey the cockatiel perches on older woman's shoulder

Dear Sir,

Your donation of Nutri-Berries for our cockatiels arrived this morning. I want to thank you for your ongoing support of our lifestyle here at our nursing home.

It is through the efforts of companies like yours that we are able to offer our residents a “home” as opposed to the medical atmosphere so prevalent in many short/long term care facilities.

Attached is a snapshot of one of our residents enjoying a visit with “Lovey” – who just loves Nutri-Berries!!

I look forward to our next “surprise” package.


Karen L. LaValleyEden CoordinatorAttleboro, MA

Please accept the photo of my parrot Bubba eating Nutri-Berries. He likes them so much he will eat them right from the container. I give Bubba the Berries every day.

Thank You,

Len GordonMilltown, NJ
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