After consuming one 12 oz. container of Nutri-Berries, Koko, my 10-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo, refuses to eat  seed mix at all and becomes very angry when we try to feed him anything else. It was an immediate change for the better; no break-in period at all. I can tell already that he is looking and feeling better just from one month of using your product.

Thank you for caring enough about birds to help owners like me take the best care possible of our feathered children.

Your new life-long customer,

Michelle Griffin

A couple of months ago, I bought a bag of Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries. I couldn’t believe it, Azizi gobbled them up! I thought they were a great treat. I took Azizi to the avian vet yesterday for a “wellness” check-up. The vet commented twice about Azizi’s beautiful feathers and great health. I told him about his fussy eating, and asked him to recommend some food. He immediately named the Lafeber company! I told him how much Azizi likes the “Nutri-Berries” treat. The vet immediately corrected me and said they are “THE REAL DEAL, NOT A TREAT.” He said I could “feel comfortable” in feeding Azizi any of the Lafeber products, even the “snacks.” The vet does NOT sell your products by the way.

Thank you for making a great tasting healthy product that is also easy for me to store and serve! It’s fun to watch Azizi eat these little balls of nutrition. Next, we’ll try the Avi-Cakes!

Lisa O and AziziColorful Colorado

We have had our Nelly, (our peach fronted conure) home for two months. He was very anti-social until we saw the Lafeber ad for the Popcorn Nutri-Berrie Treats in the latest issue of Bird Talk  magazine. He LOVES them and can’t get enough. We worry he is going to explode! Here is an adorable picture of him stuffing his face with your product. We have been having problems getting him to play with toys, but not as much, now that he loves his popcorn!


Kyle and JenniferVirginia Beach

I have been very pleased with the Nutri-Berries products for my birds. My mother introduced me to this food. She had heard how well my sister’s umbrella cockatoo enjoyed it and she thought my 9-year-old yellow-naped macaw (Mutt) would benefit from them as well. She did not know I had recently adopted Caroline, a pinioned, neglected 30-year-old Congo African grey whose feathers are just starting to come back in from being self-mutilated.

The first 10 oz. bag of Nutri-Berries did not go over too well with Mutt, but now he dances on his perch and makes happy sounds in anticipation when I go to the bucket every morning. Caroline loved it instantly and will not eat any other seed now. Of the three flavors (Original, Tropical Fruit and El Paso), they seem to like the El Paso best.

Thank you for the research you have done to better our feathered companions health and well-being. Another new lifelong customer — by referral,

Veronica JenningsSpringville, TN

Smokey, our African grey, pulled out all his chest feathers. One day he fell onto our ceramic tile floor and broke the tip off from his beak. His “Dad” rushed him to the vets. Later the vet recommended Lafebers Avi-Cakes, because he thought that Smokey’s diet was lacking. I put him on it right away. Since then, all his feathers have grown back, he talks all the time. We also give him and our other four birds Nutri-Berries as a treat. We don’t tell them that they are good for them.

Linda Bindon

My little cockatiel, Bongo, just adores Avi-Cakes … as soon as she sees the package, she climbs onto her special “treat perch” and waits for her favorite goodies. In fact, when I remove her treat bowl for cleaning, she defends it with her life, nipping at my fingers to no end. She never does this for her regular food bowls, so I know her Avi-cakes are dear to her little birdie heart.

Your two dedicated Avi-cakes fans,

Kelly Vincent and Bongo
Cleo eating sneakers

I learned through a coworker about Lafeber’s; she and her husband not only swear by it but also have a great deal of trust and belief in the quality and nutrition Lafeber’s provides. Not only does my bird Cleo love all of Lafeber’s products but both my family and I noticed a considerable difference in the sheen and coloring of her feathers and beak. Her beak appears healthier and her feathers came alive with color!  I’m so happy you as a company have stepped up to the plate to help bring knowledge to bird owners all over the world!

Your Life Long Customer and Advocate,

Valerie DrykaNorth Carolina

I have A quaker parrot named Keywee. We live in South Houston, Texa, and she is a fan of a store here. She loves to go there because they have samples of Lafeber treats and we go there to buy her food. I have had her since she was a week old, she was raised on Lafeber from the day I got her. And she is still eating Lafeber pellets and she gets the Nutri-Berries. We just wanted to write to say thank you for giving us something healthy and that she loves.

Thank You

Christy and Keywee ChristianFrom South Houston, Texas

Casper, my ‘tiel, absolutely loves Avi-Cakes. As soon as she sees the red bag, she gets all excited and nearly falls off of whatever she is standing on. She puts her wings up and her head starts to sway back and forth. When I fill her bowl, all I can see it a white tail sticking out for about 1/2 hour. She sticks her head up once in awhile to see where we are, but then she goes back in for more. I tell my husband that she is “coming up for air!”

Thank you so much for the wonderful Lafeber Products. We don’t buy anything else in our house!

Lisa and BrianLas Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for the samples that you sent me, they arrived safely last week and I thought I would send you a picture of one of my birds. This is Harley, she is only six months old and loves your treats. My other conure, Ziggy, was a little camera shy that day and kept flying off.

Thanks again!

Jeanette, Ziggy and of course HarleyNottingham, England
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