Classic Nutri-Berries

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Nutri-Berries are nutritionally balanced like pellets, just not ground up.

Both pellets and Nutri-Berries contain seeds and grains. In pellets, they are finely ground into a powder before being formed into a pellet. Most of the seeds and grains in Nutri-Berries are kept whole, because Dr. Lafeber discovered how to nutritionally balance them without grinding. By hulling the seeds and grains and then coating them with stabilized vitamins, chelated minerals, and amino acids, Nutri-Berries keeps the nutrition right where it belongs — in each and every bite. Unlike regular pellets, Nutri-Berries are designed to provide your parrot with a variety of beak and tongue sensations vital to his behavioral needs.

  • Exceptional high rate of birds’ acceptability compared to regular pellets
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acid balanced
  • Naturally preserved & flavored
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Made in the USA on the Lafeber Family Farm
  • Can be offered as a complete diet or as a healthy treat