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Who said pelleted diets have to be boring? Lafeber’s Pellet-Berries combine all the nutrition and health benefits of pellets with the added excitement of foraging. With Pellet-Berries, your bird enjoys the crunch of pellets, seeds, and grains and bites into real pieces of cranberries, apricots, and other wholesome ingredients. Your bird will savor the satisfaction of using his beak and tongue to pick apart each berrie — a more exciting way of eating than simply crumbling up a regular pellet.

Avian veterinarians from across the country recommend foraging and enrichment to reduce a bird’s boredom and associated behavioral problems. For parrots, foraging often includes working, manipulating, feeling, and tasting their food. Enrichment involves providing an environment that allows your pet bird to express his natural behaviors. We also understand the importance of pellets. In 1973, Dr. Lafeber, Sr., developed the first pellets for companion birds to provide balanced nutrition in each bite. We have come a long way since then, not only with pet bird nutrition but also in understanding a bird’s psychological needs, especially the need to forage for food. Pellet-Berries is designed to satisfy both foraging and enrichment, as well as deliver the nutrition a bird needs for a long, healthy life.

  • 81% Pellets + 19% Individual Fruits & Grains = 100% Enriched Nutrition
  • With real pieces of apricot, cranberries, natural grains, and more
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Made in the USA