Small Mammal Food


A Fun Foraging Treat That Delivers A New Taste Sensation

Your rabbits or guinea pigs have never tasted anything like Hey!Berries™. These innovative treats combine the high-fiber, low-energy, low-calcium goodness of timothy hay with the tasty nutrition of mango and papaya. The result is a nutritious foraging treat shaped like a berry. Your pets will love rolling, carrying, and playing with Hey!Berries™ as they nibble them. The combination of pelleted hay and fruit morsels produce a true taste sensation, because the flavors burst across the pet’s taste buds while the pet’s tongue and mouth feel the different textures of hay and fruit within each Berrie.

• Nutritious but still delicious
• 70% Timothy grass hay
• Visible mango and papaya morsels
• Berry shape encourages foraging/interaction
• Made in the USA at the Lafeber family farm
• Non-GMO formula