Case of 10 Cockatiel Health & Nutrition Kit

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  1. Spend less time in the exam room
  2. Make conversion conversations easier with instructions and tips & tricks on the back of every bag for your patients
  3. Each package displays a QR code and website for your client to easily access additional conversion information and bird health videos online
  4. Comes with a variety of high-quality bird diets
  5. Convenient, low-cost way to try new diets
  6. No artificial preservatives, color or flavors

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Product Description

Most bird owners need guidance when it comes to avian nutrition, and it can me be time consuming! Lafeber’s Veterinarian Health and Nutrition Kits provide ease, convenience and time saving advantages to veterinarians serving these clients. Save time and money with avian patient appointments by leveraging Lafeber’s Vet Kits to aid in converting “seed junkies” to a healthy diet and help promote foraging behavior.

Each kit contains a variety of essential products needed to maintain a bird’s good health, as well as easy to follow instructions, tips, and tricks on how to properly convert a bird to a healthy and nutritious diet. We know that every bird has its own unique personality, so help your clients gradually transition their bird’s diet in one easy to use product.

Each case includes ten bags, and each kit includes, (2) Tropical Fruit Pellets, (1) Classic Nutri-Berries, (1) Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries and (1) Classic Avi-Cake.

Additional Information

Weight 6.66 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 in