Nutrition and Foraging Kits

Product Description

Nutrition and Foraging Kit

Lafeber Nutrition & Foraging Kits contain trial sizes of:

Each kit comes in four sizes:

  • Parakeet
  • Cockatiel
  • Parrot
  • Macaw/Cockatoo

The Nutrition & Foraging Kit starter supply includes 20 assorted kits including six parakeet, six cockatiel, four parrot, and four macaw/cockatoo kits as well as four species-specific tracking forms.

Recommended Use

Kits can help your patients in a variety of ways. Use Lafeber’s Nutrition & Foraging Kits to provide your clients with healthy food samples along with nutritional information. Dispense kits to new owners or when converting a “seed junkie” to a healthy diet. Kits can also be used as tool to promote foraging behavior and dietary enrichment in companion birds.