Waterfowl Commonly Seen in Practice

Green wing teal

American Green-Winged Teal

The American green-winged teal (Anas crecca) is found in tight flocks on shallow, marshy, or muddy ponds throughout the Americas. Birds breed throughout much of Canada, Alaska, and the northern United States. The winter range includes the western and southern United States as well as Mexico.

The teal is the smallest dabbling duck in the Americas. This compact, agile species typically weighs 350 g (12 oz).

  • Male teals have a reddish-brown head with an iridescent green crescent spanning from one eye, around the back of the head, to the other eye. The wings and tail are tannish-brown color, with pale yellow feathers along the side of the tail.
  • Females are tan-brown with a white chin and belly.
  • Bills are narrow and black.

During the summer months, its diet consists of aquatic inverts, tadpoles, seeds, and aquatic vegetation. During the fall, birds eat grain, grasses, seeds, and plant shoots. Ducklings feed on insects and other invertebrates and vegetation.

Image by B. Heise.


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