Waterfowl Commonly Seen in Practice

Toulouse goose

Toulouse Goose

The Toulouse goose is a gray goose descended from the European graylag goose that is popular as a pet because of its quiet, gentle temperament. This large, blocky bird has a dewlap and loose feathers that give the Toulouse goose a soft appearance. Like all breeds descended from the graylag goose, the feathers on the sides of the neck are deeply furrowed. Their primary color is gray, with a pearly gray being preferred.

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy recognizes three types:

    1. Production: The most popular type of Toulouse goose often found on small farms. Production Toulouse have large, oval heads; relatively long, heavy necks; and thick, wide bodies. Production Toulouse weigh 8.2-9.0 kg (18-20 lb).
    2. Standard Dewlap: Bred for its ability to rapidly gain weight when force-fed, the standard dewlap is used to make fois gras.
    3. Exhibition: A decorative show bird with an exaggerated dewlap and keel. Females weigh 9.0-10.9 kg (20-24 lb), ganders 11.8-13.6 kg (26-30 lb).

Image by ‘Just Chaos’.


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