Waterfowl Commonly Seen in Practice

Indian runners

Indian Runner Duck

Ancient Javan temple carvings indicate that Runner-like ducks existed in Indo-China 2000 years ago. Runner ducks or Indian runner ducks were first imported into Great Britain in the 1800’s.

The slim body and long neck of the Indian runner has been compared to a “wine-bottle with a head and legs”. The runner duck weighs 1.8-2.0 kg (4-4.5 lb). The head is slender with eyes set high, the bill is straight, and the legs are set far back on their bodies creating a characteristic upright carriage of 45-75 degrees above horizontal. When agitated some runners stand perpendicular to the ground. There are more color types of runner ducks than any other breed.

Bred to be good walkers, excellent foragers, and prolific layers, good strains will lay more than 200 eggs annually. Runner ducks are active birds, covering a large area in search of snails, slugs, and insects. Runners also make excellent show birds and entertaining pets.

Image by ‘steve p2008’


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