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How Good is a Parrot’s Long-Term Memory?

How well do parrots remember situations, other parrots, and people over the course of their long lives? Dr. Pepperberg, gives us a rundown on research that points to parrots as having brain areas that function in ways similar to the human cortex, and how their extremely high neural densities enable advanced cognitive processing—which requires good memory.

Why Cockatiels Make Great Pets

Parrots are wonderful pets for the right people, and cockatiels are among the most popular. Here we share eight reasons cockatiels are great pets!

Tips To Get Your Parrot To Be Quiet

Parrots can be noisy, but sometimes you want to dial down the volume. With no volume control, how can you do this? Use these tips to help quiet reign again, at least for a while!

A Healthy Year Ahead For Your Pet Bird

A good start to good parrot health is an annual checkup by an avian veterinarian. Find out more ways to help your feathered friend be as healthy as possible.

Bird Food Guide

What to feed a companion bird is one of the most important questions people face. Do you know what is safe or unsafe, healthy or unhealthy for your bird?

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Yearly Checkups

Lafeber Company encourages you to take all of your pets to see the Vet every year.
Watch the video to find out more.

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