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Bird-Watching & Conservation Go Hand-In-Hand

Annual bird-watching events contribute greatly to our understanding and observation of birds in their natural habitats. Long-established birding events, as well as new events popping up throughout the year, are valuable in that they help foster interest in our native birds and the ongoing efforts to help them survive in an ever-developing world.

What Scares Your Pet Bird

You know what scares you, but do you know what scares your bird? Check out these 10 things birds usually don’t like.

Birds In Halloween Folklore

Crows and ravens are two of the birds often associated with Halloween, but what is the true nature of these birds?

Halloween Safety For Birds

Halloween isn’t just time to think about costumes and treats, it’s also time to consider how to keep your bird safe during the holiday.

Bird Food Guide

What to feed a companion bird is one of the most important questions people face. Do you know what is safe or unsafe, healthy or unhealthy for your bird?

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Lafeber Company encourages you to take all of your pets to see the Vet every year.
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