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A Look at How Parrots Talk

How can some birds mimic human speech so effortlessly? Parrots’ gift of gab is especially impressive given the fact that birds do not have lips! See how birds produce pitch and sound to replicate our sounds, as well as sounds beyond our vocal reach.

Pet Bird Owner Summer Safety Tips

Summer means fun to most of us. But before you dive into the season, take a moment to see what steps you need to make to ensure your bird’s safety and well-being all summer long.

5 Ways You Freak Your Pet Bird Out

Birds live in the same world we do, but they experience it quite differently. Changes we might consider minor or interruptions to normal routines might seem humdrum to us, but to our feathered friends these can be dramatic and scary.

Conure Fast Facts

Common conure colors are orange, yellow, or mostly green with accent colors that vary in color and intensity. Learn more fun facts about conures!

Bird Food Guide

What to feed a companion bird is one of the most important questions people face. Do you know what is safe or unsafe, healthy or unhealthy for your bird?

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Yearly Checkups

Lafeber Company encourages you to take all of your pets to see the Vet every year.
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