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Pepperberg’s Lab: When Parrots Go “Off-Script”

Dr. Pepperberg’s work with parrots revolves around reproducing behaviors using scientific methods to attain statistical significance. Of course, parrots being parrots, there are plenty of incidents where one of her African greys says or does something that perfectly captures their mood or preference, but which cannot be scientifically documented. African grey Griffin, like Alex before him, certainly knows how to get his point across to Pepperberg and her research students. See how these anecdotes provide interesting insights into how the mind of a parrot may work.

4 Easy Ways To Deter Breeding Behavior

As the days lengthen, a bird’s reproductive hormones gear up. Hormones and other factors all contribute to breeding behavior, so what can you do to minimize it?

Theft-Proof Your Pet Bird

Use these three vital tips to protect your precious feathered friend from the danger of pet-flipping, which is a term for when pets are stolen and sold.

Lovebird Or Parrotlet?

Explore the similarities and differences between these two engaging parrot species that people often mistake for one another.

Bird Food Guide

What to feed a companion bird is one of the most important questions people face. Do you know what is safe or unsafe, healthy or unhealthy for your bird?

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