Lafeber Home Learning

Learning can be fun, especially learning about your best feathered friends! So join Lafeber to explore different topics that help you get closer to your birdie buddies by understanding them better.

Each Lafeber “course” includes several articles to enlighten you. Although these “courses” don’t earn you a degree or CE, you can pat yourself on the back. And if it were possible, your birds would surely applaud!

New courses are added each week, so check back regularly. You never know what you will find!

Course 15: Parrots & Food

Pet Parrots & Ground Foraging
"Healthy" Foods Your Bird Should Stop Eating Today
Foods Toxic To Pet Birds

Course 14: Avian Ailments & Vaccine Info

Psittacosis: What Bird Owners Need To Know
Vaccines & Pet Birds
Is Your Pet Bird A Healthy Weight?
Pet Bird Research: PDD
Psittacosis & Other Zoonotic Diseases
Unraveling The Puzzle Of Avian Bornavirus & PDD

Course 13: Parrot Beak, Feet, Eyes, Sounds, & Gut

The Bird Beak Inside & Out
Parrot Feet
Why Birds' Eyes Are So Different From Ours
Voice/Sound Changes In Pet Birds: Cause For Concern
See How They Fly

Course 12: Focus On Avian Veterinarians

Why You Need An Avian Veterinarian
Why An Avian Vet?
18 Ways To Drive An Avian Vet Crazy
Why Is Avian Medicine So Expensive?

Course 11: Exploring The Bird Brain

Complex Intelligence Defines Bird Brained
Rethinking What "Bird Brained" Means
Bird Brains Are Not That Simple!

Course 10: Test Your Parrot Knowledge

What Is A Geriatric Parrot?
Five Pet Parrot Facts
Why Birds Live So Long

Course 9: Is Your Bird's Environment Healthy?

Playing With Fire: Tobacco & Pet Birds
Birds & Other Pets: Why You Need To Be On Guard
Car Safety: Why Your Bird Needs To Buckle Up
Did Avocado Fumes Cause Bird's Death?
Protect Your Pet Bird From Mold
Moving With Your Bird? How To Reduce Stress For Everyone

Course 8: The Science & Wonder Of Birds Talking

Do Parrots Understand What You Are Saying?
How Dr. Pepperberg Taught Parrots To Use Speech Appropriately
Why Parrots Can Talk
Small Birds Do Talk!
Decipher Your Pet Parrot's Vocalizations

Course 7: The Fun Side Of Bird Food

Foraging For Food Satisfies Parrots' Appetites & Minds
Pet Parrots & Ground Foraging
Fun With Food For Your Pet Bird

Course 6: All About Budgies

3 Tricks Your Budgie Can Do!
Perks Of Owning A Pet Parakeet
Budgie Sounds
Budgie Vs. Cockatiel: Which Is Right For You?
Top Toys For Parakeets
Budgie Species Page

Course 5: Bad Bird Or Misunderstood?

Uncover The Pitfalls Of Problem Behaviors In Pet Birds
Parrot Behavior: What Are You Actually Rewarding?
Pet Birds And Excessive Screaming: Rewarding The Wrong Thing
Accidental Rewards For Pet Bird Aggression
4 Easy Ways To Deter Breeding Behavior

Course 4: All About Cockatiels

Cockatiel Behavior: Brilliantly Baffling
3 Tricks Your Cockatiel Can Do
Why Cockatiels Make Great Pets
Budgie Vs. Cockatiel: Which Is Right For You?
Cockatiel Sounds Explained
Cockatiel Species Page

Course 3: Pet Bird Training Basics

Learn The Polite Way To Train Your Parrot
Teach Your Bird To Communicate "Yes" And "No"
Small Bird Taming & Training Basics

Course 2: Happy Parrot, Happy Home

Stress Reduction For Companion Parrots
Do Parrots Get Depressed?
Birds & Other Pets: Why You Need To Be On Guard
Healthy Habits We Can Learn From Our Birds

Course 1: Need-To-Know Info For A Happy Life With Your Parrot

Do's And Don'ts For Living With Parrots
15 Things Every Parrot Owner Should Do
Tips To Get Your Parrot To Be Quiet
Tips To Get Your Bird Back In The Cage
The Optimal Social Environment For Your Parrot
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