Lafeber Home Learning

Learning can be fun, especially learning about your best feathered friends! So join Lafeber to explore different topics that help you get closer to your birdie buddies by understanding them better.

Each Lafeber “course” includes several articles to enlighten you. Although these “courses” don’t earn you a degree or CE, you can pat yourself on the back. And if it were possible, your birds would surely applaud!

New courses are added each week, so check back regularly. You never know what you will find!

Course 1: Need-To-Know Parrot Info

Course 2: Happy Parrot, Happy Home

Course 3: Pet Bird Training Basics

Course 4: All About Cockatiels

Course 5: Bad Bird Or Misunderstood?

Course 6: All About Budgies

Course 7: The Fun Side Of Bird Food

Course 8: The Science & Wonder Of Birds Talking

Course 9: Is Your Bird’s Environment Healthy?

Course 10: Test Your Parrot Knowledge

Course 11: Exploring The Bird Brain

Course 12: Focus On Avian Veterinarians

Course 13: Parrot Beak, Feet, Eyes, Sounds, & Gut

Course 14: Avian Ailments & Vaccine Info

Course 15: Parrots & Food

Course 16: Bird-Proofing Through The Year

Course 17: Parrot Reproduction Info

Course 18: Good Health For Your Bird

Course 19: Get To Know The Avian Heart

Course 20: Flying!

Course 21: Make Your Parrot’s Environment A Joy

Course 22: Harmony For Your Feathered Family

Course 23: More Bird Species Info

Course 24: Easy Living With Parrot Roommates

Course 25: Parrot Safety

Course 26: Toys, Toys, Toys

Course 27: Helping Birds

Course 28: Amazing Birds, Amazing People

Course 29: Technology & Birds

Course 30: Birds In The News

Course 31: Famous Birds

Course 32: Birds & Disasters

Course 33: Bird Conservation In South America

Course 34: Bird Conservation In North America

Course 35: Bird Conservation In Africa, Oceania, & Indonesia

Course 36: Do You Know These Parrot Species?

Course 37: Fascinating, Non-Parrot Bird Species

Course 38: How Birds Affect Us & Vice Versa

Course 39: Insights On Bird Behavior

Course 40: Info About Parrot Abilities

Course 41: The Joy Of Bird Watching

Course 42: Wild Birds In Our Lives

Course 43: Parrots Inspire And Amaze

Course 44: Celebrating Birds

Course 45: Tips For Better Bird Care

Course 46: Holiday Fun And Birds

Course 47: Bird-Themed Fun

Course 48: Celebrating Uniqueness In Birds

Course 49: Changing Your Ways For Your Birds

Course 50: Birds And Coughs & Birds And Winter

Course 51: Pet Birds & Children, Dogs, The Floor

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