standing guinea pig

How Much Guinea Pig Cuteness Can You Take?

Guinea pig cuteness can’t be denied, and these adorable guinea pig pictures prove it. They also prove that guinea pigs are a species of great expression.

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

You love your guinea pig like family, but you certainly can’t offer your furry friend the same foods you eat. What foods help guinea pigs thrive?

American Guinea Pig Breed

The smooth coat, that short hair. With these traits, there can be only one guinea pig breed to guess — the American!

Do You Know About Guinea Pig Sounds?

One source lists nine distinct guinea pig vocalizations. Have you heard them all from your guinea pigs? Do you know what they mean?

Finding A Veterinarian For Your Small Mammal Pet

Finding a veterinarian knowledgeable about treating your species of small mammal can be challenging. Use these tips to help!

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