Your Guinea Pig's Home

Your new buddy needs a place of his or her own as a retreat. A place that keeps your pal safe and your belongings safe. Several options work, so consider guinea pig needs and your available space when choosing.

Is My Guinea Pig Fat?

Food is an area where guinea pig fans might go a bit overboard. A fat guinea pig is not necessarily a happy guinea pig — and a fat guinea pig is certainly not a healthy guinea pig. How do you prevent your guinea pig from gaining too much weight?

American Guinea Pig Breed

This shorthaired guinea pig breed is likely the oldest of the pet guinea pig breeds. It’s also one of the most popular and is probably the breed people picture when thinking of guinea pigs.

How To Say Guinea Pig In Different Languages

With so many languages in the world, guinea pigs have a whole lot more names than just the guinea pig or cavy used in English. How many do you know?

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