10 Reasons Rabbits Go To The Veterinarian

You do what you can to prevent illness, but accidents happen, contagions spread, parasites sneak in, and genetics catch up. Your rabbit faces as many health threats as you.

Why Do Rabbits Dig?

Rabbits and digging go together like dogs and barking; it’s just something that many rabbits do. Some rabbits dig more than others. Why do rabbits dig? You can’t really expect an answer from your bunny. But you can make an educated guess.

Can Rabbits Get Fat?

Learn how to recognize weight gain in rabbits and what to do to help a rabbit lose weight.

Bunnies Getting Into Trouble

Rabbits do lots of things by instinct. So are chewing, digging, marking, or other behaviors that people might consider annoying actually naughty? Or are they just rabbits being rabbits?

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