Your Avian Vet

18 Ways To Drive An Avian Veterinarian Crazy

Liz Wilson, IAABC Certified, Parrot Behavior Consultant

1. Leave a message for the avian veterinarian to call, then expect a callback within 5 minutes, no matter what.

Avian veterinarians are generally incredibly busy caring for sick birds and talking to their owners. It is often late evening before they finally have to a chance to sit down and start returning messages that have accumulated through the day. Bird owners have to wait their turn. As an aside, if owners suspect a problem with their bird, they should schedule an appointment, not leave a message for their veterinarian to call.

Avian Medicine: Why Is It $O EXPEN$IVE?

Liz Wilson, CVT, IAABC Certified, Parrot Behavior Consultant

It was many years ago in early afternoon, during that wonderful little lull that sometimes happens in a normal day of a busy veterinary practice. I had just finished my lunch, and was sitting at the front desk. When the phone rang, I answered.

“My daughter’s parakeet has been acting funny for a few weeks, and she thinks it’s sick. I got some of that bird medicine from the feed store and I’ve been putting it in his water, but now he’s on the bottom of the cage.

Why an Avian Vet? Why Your Bird Needs an Avian Veterinarian, How To Find One, and How To Tell If You REALLY Have One…

Liz Wilson, CVT, IAABC Certified, Parrot Behavior Consultant

Every time I talk to bird owners, I emphasize the importance of having one’s pet bird checked out yearly by an avian veterinarian. Indeed, I often refuse to work with a parrot with a so-called “behavior problem” until afterthe owner has had the animal thoroughly checked out. After all, many alleged psittacine delinquencies are instead manifestations of physical problems.

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