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Understanding your bird’s emotional health and care needs is the recipe for a happy parrot-person household. Our avian-expert written articles are here to give you the information you need to keep your pet bird healthy and happy. Each week, we bring you exclusive articles written by veterinarians, behaviorists and other experts in the avian community. Whether you are new to the world of companion birds or are a seasoned parrot parent, you’ll find fascinating facts, need-to-know medical information, behavior tips and tricks, and much more!

African grey courtesy Dr. Irene Pepperberg

Inside Dr. Pepperberg’s Lab: Zoom Calls with African Greys Griffin & Athena

In her latest blog, Dr. Irene Pepperberg describes what it’s like to connect with African grey parrots Griffin and Athena over video call. She recounts that just like many people pivoted from in-person meetings to Zooming during COVID her cognitive behavior research lab had to do the same, including her flock! Learn how the parrots feel about their videoconference calls when she travels, as well as how a parrot’s hearing and vision differs from ours and the ways this might affect their video-calling experience.

white parrot, umbrella cockatoo, 'too, cockatoo

Celebrate These Lesser-Known March Holidays With Your Bird

The month of March has some interesting lesser-known National Designation Days that seem especially apropos for pet bird enthusiasts. See what lesser-known holidays you can celebrate with your feathered companion this month!

glossy black cockatoo

Australian Boy Fights To Help Save The Glossy Black Cockatoo

A 12-year-old from Australia has taken the initiative to help save the dwindling habitat of glossy black cockatoos from further land development. Spencer Hitchen, an avid photographer, has campaigned to stop new construction that impacts an expanse that contains some 70 she-oak trees, the cones of which offer an essential food source for glossy black cockatoos. Hitchen’s Change.org petition, currently has 75,159 signatures out of 150,000 and he has a Facebook page to help raise awareness.

Eurasian eagle-owl

Central Park Zoo’s Wayward Eurasian Owl Finds Itself at Home in NYC’s Central Park

Flaco, the male Eurasian eagle-owl that escaped from the Central Park Zoo, is showing that he can make it on his own after taking up residence in NYC’s Central Park. After eluding capture for two weeks, zoo officials are throwing in the towel and suspending their recovery efforts (but still keeping an eye on the majestic bird).

close up head and shoulder image of a perched cockatoo

It’s Cold Outside! Tips to Keep Your Bird Safe & Warm

The Midwest is experiencing a rare “polar vortex” and the coldest weather in decades, which makes staying warm indoors is a must. Here are some tips to ensure that everyone, including our feathered family members, are safe and comfortable at home during this cold snap.

blue crowned conure

Protect Your Pet Bird From Mold

Ventilation, heat, humidity, cleanliness and other factors affect the possibility that your bird might suffer a respiratory infection caused by mold.

quaker parakeet, quaker parrot, monk parakeet, monk parrot

Types of Parrot Play

Every bird has a play personality — from explorer to destroyer, and many more. Knowing your bird’s style of play can help you zero in on the types of toys and interactions your bird enjoys most.

head shot of African Grey parrot in cage holding peanut to its beak

Foods Toxic To Pet Birds

Foods on your avian vet’s do not feed list include chocolate, avocado, onion, high-fat, and high-sugar foods.

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