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Understanding your bird’s emotional health and care needs is the recipe for a happy parrot-person household. Our avian-expert written articles are here to give you the information you need to keep your pet bird healthy and happy. Each week, we bring you exclusive articles written by veterinarians, behaviorists and other experts in the avian community. Whether you are new to the world of companion birds or are a seasoned parrot parent, you’ll find fascinating facts, need-to-know medical information, behavior tips and tricks, and much more!


Bogey The Cockatoo Thrives After New Procedure to Heal Chronic Cloacal Prolapse

Bogey, a 23-year-old umbrella cockatoo is enjoying good health once again after undergoing a new procedure to alleviate persistent cloaca prolapse that plagued the ‘too for 16 years.

Lafeber’s Global Parrot Conservation Spotlight: Echo—The Parrots & People of Bonaire

Lafeber’s latest Conservation Spotlight takes us to a small island in the Caribbean—Bonaire, home to the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot. The conservation group Echo is dedicated to ensuring a stable and growing population of this endangered parrot by reducing habitat degradation, restoring the parrots’ habitat, and reducing the poaching of chicks.

Avian Vet Insider: Cardiovascular Disease in Pet Birds–Special Time 11 a.m. PST

In this episode of our Vet Insider webinar, Dr. Lamb will talk about cardiovascular disease in pet birds. Sign up today and tune in ton February 11 to find out how cardiovascular disease can affect companion birds and preventive measures to take. [Note special time: 11:00 a.m.]

Webinar: The Grey Way: The Healthy Grey – Keeping Your Bird Healthy & Happy

In this webinar episode, Lisa will discuss the steps we can take to create a healthy home environment for our birds, as well as why routine veterinarian exams are essential to maintaining our birds’ optimal health. Sign up and join us February 18.


Utah High School Is All About The Birds with its Groundbreaking Aviary

The sky’s the limit for learning about birds in this Utah high school, where students have the opportunity to learn about birds and participate in their daily care. Take a look inside the school’s fledging, one-of-its-kind aviary, and meet the teacher who hatched the plan to bring birds into students’ lives in this Lafeber exclusive.

African grey parrots, grey parrots

Inside Dr. Pepperberg’s Lab: The Parrots Hold Out for Bigger Treats

In her latest blog, Dr. Irene Pepperberg talks about the frustration—and amusement—of when the African grey parrots in her cognitive behavior research lab attempt to game the system by purposedly withholding answers until they are offered larger treat rewards.

bird robot

Meet SNAG, The Flying Avian Robot

Many of us know parrotlets as one of the smallest parrot species, often referred to as “pocket parrots” in the world of companion parrots. Recently, these tiny dynamos were used as inspiration behind an innovative drone—essentially a flying robot that can land and perch on a variety of surfaces just like a bird.

African grey parrot Alex

Inside Dr. Pepperberg’s Lab: Yes, Our Birds Mean What They Say

The most common question Dr. Irene Pepperberg encounters is if parrots truly understand what they are saying. In her newest blog, Dr. Pepperberg offers some notable experiences with African greys Alex, Griffin, and Athena that might not hold up to scientific scrutiny but are nonetheless valuable in demonstrating parrots’ impressive cognitive abilities.

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