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Understanding your bird’s emotional health and care needs is the recipe for a happy parrot-person household. Our avian-expert written articles are here to give you the information you need to keep your pet bird healthy and happy. Each week, we bring you exclusive articles written by veterinarians, behaviorists and other experts in the avian community. Whether you are new to the world of companion birds or are a seasoned parrot parent, you’ll find fascinating facts, need-to-know medical information, behavior tips and tricks, and much more!

Glossy Black Cockatoo pair

Lafeber’s Global Parrot Conservation Spotlight: Glossy Black Cockatoos of Kangaroo Island

Lafeber’s latest Conservation Spotlight takes us to Australia’s Kangaroo Island, where glossy black cockatoos are still struggling to recover from the devastating 2019-2020 bushfires that raged through their natural habitat.

scarlet macaw

Old Man: A Scarlet Macaw Turns 74

This parrot deserves a party! A scarlet macaw, aptly referred to as Old Man, recently celebrated his 74th birthday!

African grey parrots

Inside Dr. Pepperberg’s Lab: Dealing with Picky Eaters

Parrots, like people, have their individualized tastes in food. This includes their own interpretations of what constitutes fresh produce, as well as the order in which food should be eaten. In her latest blog, Dr. Irene Pepperberg dishes on African greys Athena and Griffin’s specific food preferences.

webinar 53 slide promotes Lisa Bono discussing bird sitting, boarding, and travel

Webinar: The Grey Way: Time to Travel: Bird Sitter, Boarding or Hitting the Road? with Lisa Bono, CPBC

Join us for a free webinar on August 13 with Lisa Bono, a certified parrot behavior consultant specializing in African grey parrots, as she presents Episode 4 of The Grey Way, a Lafeber Pet Birds Webinar Series focusing on Congo & Timneh African grey parrots as pets. In this episode, Lisa discusses your options when planning a trip.

Senegal parrot with foot in beak

Summer Heat & Our Birds

Summer — that sizzling time of the year when we try to stay hydrated and perhaps indulge in water-dense foods like watermelon and other juicy fruits. When exposed to the summer heat, we might break out in a sweat and seek shade to cool our bodies down. What about our feathered friends…how do they stay […]

Black headed Caique perch in a cage

5 Ways You Freak Your Pet Bird Out

If you don’t understand the instincts, needs, and anatomy of your parrot friend, problems can quickly arise. Interrupting your bird’s snooze time or switching food abruptly are just two ways you can ruin your bird’s day. Learn what not to do so both you and your bird live harmoniously.

head and shoulder shot of yellow-naped Amazon parrot

Feather Trims & Other Summer Safety Info

While we all want to get out of the house this time of year, how should we do that successfully with our companion birds? These tips help you enjoy safe summer fun with your pet bird.

spectacled Amazon on perch in cage

Give Your Bird A Clean Cage This Summer

Here are three things you can do for your feathered companion to improve his health and well being, as well as add some summer-inspired fun to his day.

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