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Understanding your bird’s emotional health and care needs is the recipe for a happy parrot-person household. Our avian-expert written articles are here to give you the information you need to keep your pet bird healthy and happy. Each week, we bring you exclusive articles written by veterinarians, behaviorists and other experts in the avian community. Whether you are new to the world of companion birds or are a seasoned parrot parent, you’ll find fascinating facts, need-to-know medical information, behavior tips and tricks, and much more!

crow, American crow, black bird

Crows Are Even Smarter Than We Thought!

In the latest study to gauge Covid intelligence, crows outsmarted monkeys. Researchers discovered that crows are quite adept at the cognitive ability referred to as recursion—that is, they can distinguish paired elements within larger sequences, which was once thought to be a purely human trait.

migratory flock, migration, flying, flock, migratory birds

Advances in Bird Tracking Takes Flight & Offers New Insights

Tracking migratory birds has advanced far beyond the days of visual sightings recorded by ornithologists and dedicated bird watchers with eyes to the skies. See how a collaborative network using a central radio telemetry system is helping scientists and researchers dial-in on migratory bird behaviors never recorded before. Plus, find out how birders of all ages can follow the heroic annual journeys made by 450-plus birds, and learn more about the challenges they face along the way.

Webinar: Avian Vet Insider – Respiratory Disease in Pet Birds (Special Time 11AM PST)

Join us on December 2, when Dr. Lamb will discuss common infectious diseases including aspergillosis and chlamydia that are known to classically affect the respiratory system. She will also cover allergic airway disease to bring more awareness to this disorder, and more.

Webinar: Fun for the Holidays! Annual Pet Bird Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

In this fun holiday webinar, Lisa Bono will showcase holiday-themed, custom-made toys for your pet birds! There will also be giveaways of toys and Lafeber products for some lucky viewers. Sign-up and tune in on December 9 for your chance to win!

close up head and shoulder image of a perched cockatoo

It’s Cold Outside! Tips to Keep Your Bird Safe & Warm

The Midwest is experiencing a rare “polar vortex” and the coldest weather in decades, which makes staying warm indoors is a must. Here are some tips to ensure that everyone, including our feathered family members, are safe and comfortable at home during this cold snap.

blue crowned conure

Protect Your Pet Bird From Mold

Ventilation, heat, humidity, cleanliness and other factors affect the possibility that your bird might suffer a respiratory infection caused by mold.

quaker parakeet, quaker parrot, monk parakeet, monk parrot

Types of Parrot Play

Every bird has a play personality — from explorer to destroyer, and many more. Knowing your bird’s style of play can help you zero in on the types of toys and interactions your bird enjoys most.

head shot of African Grey parrot in cage holding peanut to its beak

Foods Toxic To Pet Birds

Foods on your avian vet’s do not feed list include chocolate, avocado, onion, high-fat, and high-sugar foods.

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