Course 10: Test Your Parrot Knowledge

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Our feathered friends are so unique and different from us. That’s part of their appeal. The more we learn about them, the more amazing they are. Here’s a chance to increase your parrot knowledge and love your birds all the more. Then test your sparkling new knowledge with the quiz. Click that quiz button below!

Blue fronted Amazon eating

What Is a Geriatric Parrot?

What exactly defines a “geriatric” bird? Discover the physiological signs of aging in birds and the steps to take to help ward off the afflictions associated with advanced age as well as see what studies reveal on birds’ secret to a long life span.


Five Pet Parrot Facts

Parrots are structured to survive as flying, flocking, feathered denizens of the sky and trees. Check out these Five Fun Parrot Facts and you’ll have an even greater appreciation of your bird’s uniqueness!

face of Amazon parrot

Why Birds Live So Long

Parrots live much longer than they are supposed to live! In fact the large macaws live on average four times their predicted life spans! So what’s their secret?

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