Course 11: Exploring The Bird Brain

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Parrots are thinkers. If you look into their eyes, you sometimes almost see the wheels of thought turning. Their brains are different from ours, so how do bird brains work? Find out with these articles! Then find out what your know about bird brains with the quiz. Click the quiz button below!

head shot of yellow and blue macaw

Complex Intelligence Defines Bird Brained

It appears that the part of the brain that corresponds to the forebrain, the pallium in birds, has a much higher concentration of neurons or the brain cells packed in the same amount of space than many primates.

African grey parrot

Rethinking What “Bird Brained” Means

Find out how some birds evolved to be more intelligent than we humans initially thought.

Congo African Grey Parrot on a cage

Bird Brains are Not that Simple!

Check out this scientific look at the mind of parrots, and learn a whole new meaning for “birdbrain.”

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