Course 12: Focus On Avian Veterinarians

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You have a doctor and your bird family member needs a doctor. The more you know about avian veterinarians, the better you can understand how they help your bird, how you can find a great avian vet, and what to expect. Then find out how much you know about how to help with the quiz. Click the quiz button below!

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Why You Need An Avian Veterinarian

Unfortunately, many people forgo taking their bird to the vet until it is too late, as in, “Now I should take my bird to the vet because it is down on the bottom of the cage.” When a bird is that sick, it is very difficult (for anyone, no matter their knowledge or expertise) to bring the bird back from the brink of death.


Why An Avian Vet ?

An avian veterinarian is critical to the health of your feathered friend, so use these tips to find out how to find a knowledgeable avian veterinarian.


18 Ways to Drive an Avian Vet Crazy

The following list is compiled from experiences I had working for twenty years with avian veterinarians. Each is true. Bird owners drive their avian veterinarians crazy when they do the following.

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Why Is Avian Medicine So Expensive?

Yes, avian medicine is much more expensive than dog and cat medicine. Why is that? There are several reasons, which I will explain, but the main one is TIME.

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