Course 13: Parrot Beak, Feet, Eyes, Sounds, & Gut

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This thought-provoking series of articles explains things about birds you might not have wondered about before. After reading, you’ll be more in-the-know than ever!

Nanday Conure perched on wire cage door

The Bird Beak Inside & Out

The beak is derived from a cornified specialization of the skin and has the same components.

macaw standing with one foot lifted

Parrot Feet

When we think of birds, we often imagine these fascinating creatures flying through the air. Yet, what goes up must come down. Let’s focus on birds’ feet, which allow birds to maneuver and rest while taking a break from flight.

Why Birds’ Eyes Are So Different From Ours

Enhanced visual acuity, seeing ultraviolet light, and changing focus rapidly are some of the fascinating abilities of birds’ eyes.

Blue Yellow Macaw

Voice/Sound Changes in Pet Birds: Cause For Concern

Did you know that a voice change or lack of vocalization in birds can signal a health problem, or that cough-like noise, gurgling sounds or a high-pitched squeak can all indicate a medical emergency?

parrot flapping wings

See How They Fly

Birds have solved the problem of flight through an aerodynamic design of their own, streamlined bodies, reduced weight, a powerful heart, and an efficient respiratory system, among other adaptations.

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